The Old Kingdom

The ancient empire of Dimhold was settled hundreds of years ago. It's settlers used superior technology to conquer the various tribes and small holdings which existed at the time. It rapidly extended it's borders to include all of the surrounding kingdoms. The influx of Dwarves(WE) served to further spurn it's culture and technology to rapidly reach a height of power. The empire of Dimhold was ruled by a monarch, who divided the kingdom up into a number of feudal landholdings. A powerful knight and his family was given charge of each of these landholdings which would become akin to city states. Each landholding developed it's own customs and trade goods which allowed it to serve as a useful part of the empire. For awhile the empire of Dimhold knew peace. Its borders spanned from the Frehn Desert to the south all the way to the icy northland which spanned from the Rise to the Eastern Peaks. Its western border was the Icehelm mountains which were so high they could not be scaled. To the East it spanned all the way to the Lern Mountains, which are thought to be the eastern edge of the world. The country is spanned by 2 major rivers, the Ellington river and the Strine river. The Ellington river is fed out of the Eastern Peaks, where the Draw joins a smaller tributary out of the Annor Fens. The Stone stream and the Spade stream come from the Rise, and travel south through Aglovale to meet with the Flow river out of the icy north at Greenwater lake in Leavenworth. The Tress river joins the Strine river in Bassenheim flowing south into Cronberg. Finally the Rahl stream feeds into Meln lake with the Strine river in Cronberg to flow south into the Frehn Desert. The Torrent river and the Black river cross Tattersal and Tumler to dump into the Frehn desert to the east. There is also a large lake in Dimhold that is fed by underground streams called lake Dim Most of Aglovale and Leavenworth exist in the Fellon forest of the north, and the Brown forest crosses Jerringham.

In 61 AF the allies of the Northern Alliance remove themselves en mass from the Old Kingdom to migrate west. The demons who were invading their terrain had grown too relentless when combined with the threat of the rebel alliance.


Northern Alliance
-Rothstein (contested)

-Cadifor (divided)
-Newton (isolated)

Old Kingdom Alliance
-Cadifor (divided)

Ice clansmen

Berezin controlled
-Netherfield (now called "Stonefield" by the Berezin)

Enemy lands
-Rothstein (contested)

Unclaimed lands

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