'"The Old Man a​nd the Key" is the thirteenth Episode of The Simpsons Thirteenth Season. It first aired in the United States on the Fox Network on March 10, 2002. In the Episode, Grampa Simpson falls in love with Zelda, an old woman who has just moved in to the seniour Home in which Grampa lives. However, Grampa is not the only one in the home who is infatuated with Zelda.

The Episdoe was written by Phil Harnage and Jon Vitti and directed by Lance Kramer. The Storyline was pitched by Vitti, who based it on an article about social status in senior homes. The Episode features Olympia Dukakis as Zelda, Dustin Hoffman as Mr. Bergstrom and Harvey Fierstein as Karl.


The Show begins with the Simpsons Family getting a Phone call from Grampa Simpson's retirement home saying that his is at Mt. Gropply. They had very humiliating memories together (including Mr. Bergstrom and Homer fighting each other while skiing and Lisa becoming more phobic about Nudity after Martin shows off his revealing Snow Suit)

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