The Old Man and the Lisa is the twenty-first Episode of The Simpsons' Eighth Season, first aired by the Fox network on April 20, 1997. In the Episode, Mr. Burns becomes bankrupt and ask Lisa to help him become rich again. On the permanently regretful condition, he starts losing his evil manners and the two start making Money recycling cans. After a while, Mr. Burns has made enough Money to start a non-pulluted recycling Plant and a non-profit Orginization to protect the Environment and Earth. His true colors are revealed when Mr. Burns shows that he makes a machine to only pick up Junk that was thrown into the Ocean and wants to start making new Celluloids for Animation Cels. He also introduces George Meyer to Bart, Kathy Bates to Marge, John Candy to Homer and D.B. Sweeney to Smithers after making his Dreams come true and his promises to be fulfilled. Dr. Emmett Brown and Jon Vitti arrives unexpectedly and takes Homer, Jean, Reiss and Candy Back to the Future with the DeLoreon Time Machine.

The Episode was directed by Mark Kirkland and written by John Swartzwelder. Professional wreslter Bret Hart made a cameo as himself, Writers and Guest Stars D.B. Sweeney, George Meyer, John Candy, Kathy Bates, Jon Vitti, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Harvey Fierstein, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Michael Jeter, John Hughes, Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Mickey Rooney and Dustin Hoffman appear as themselves and Christopher Lloyd reprises the role of Dr. Emmett Brown. "The Old Man and the Lisa" contains cultural references to Television Show That Girl, Madeline and Sunday Morning Live, the Songs I'll Be Good to You and The Candy Man, Animators Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, Comedy Teams The Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy and The Three Stooges and the Films Back to the Future, Annie Get Your Gun and Sullivan's Travels. It was positively recieved by Critics and won the Environmental Media Award for "TV Episodic Comedy".


Mr. Burns speaks with the Springfield Elementary School "Junior Achievers Club" and after a conversation with the impatient Lisa, he realizes that he does not have nearly as much money as he thought he did. He diecides to invest in the stock market to earn his money back. However, in doing so, he makes more questionable investments and becomes bankrupt. The bank forecloses on the Plant and puts Lenny in charge and sells Mr. Burns' House to Pro Wrestler Bret Hart, Academy Award winner Mickey Rooney, Emmy Award winning Writers Tim Conway and Don Knotts and Tony Award winners Harvey Fierstein and Michael Jeter.

Mr. Burns moves in with Smithers and, wanting to be of use, decides do Smithers' Grocery Shopping. However, he is unfamiliar with Grocery Stores and becomes confued by the Ketchup and Catsup, causing the Groccer to send Burns to the Springfield Retirement Castle. While at the home, Mr. Burns meets Lisa, and begs her to help re-builed his empire. She eventually agrees and the two begin earning money through Recycling.

Mr. Burns enthusiastically begins grabbing every can he can find. Eventually, Burns earns so much Money that he is able to open his own non-pulluted Recycling Plant. Burns gives Lisa its opening Tour, showing her that it is environmentally nifty. When Mr. Burns shows her "the best Part", he has created a net to not pull sea life on the Water, but only Junk and Shipwrecks. He tells Lisa that he wants to make new Celluloids to become Animation Cels. He reveals that he has finally given up his evil ways and becomes a reformed person. He also tells Lisa that he's not really evil, just misunderstood and regrettful. Mr. Burns proclaims to Lisa that he wishes to make the World a better place for Children and disabled People, not people who are not only still evil, but even more evil when trying to be good. When he begs her to do the job for him, Lisa is very impressed and she starts a picking up Trashes through the Streets with her newly opened and Clean Recycling Trucks through song with a Parody of "The Candy Man" entitled "The Garbage Man".

Mr. Burns later visits Lisa and thanks her for making his Dreams come true and his promises to be fulfilled by Kindness and Love. He introduces many Celebrities to the Family including George Meyer, John Candy, Kathy Bates, D.B. Sweeney, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Dustin Hoffman and John Hughes who share the same love of the Environment. Meanwhile, a DeLoreon Time Machine crashes into the Garage and Dr. Emmett Brown and Writer Jon Vitti came out of the Car, telling Homer, Al, Mike and John that they gotta came back with them, Back to the Future. They start hovering off the Ground with Homer yelling to the Family that he'll be back from the Future. After that, the Time Machine flies into the Future. The Huey Lewis and the News Song Back in Time plays in the ending Credits.

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