There is a saying that everyone is special. But are there some more special? If so, what are thier names? What makes them so ‘more’ special?

That is a different story. And this is what that story is all about.

Chapter One: Bryan

Palmdale, California

Bryan Hermus

Age: 11

“Yes. Yes I know. Math page 13. I don’t want to talk about it. Bye.” I hang up the phone. “He asks me that every day! I wish he would stop! ‘How fast did you finish today? How fast did you finish today?’ He’s so annoying!” “Who’s being annoying?” Mom asks. “Brandon. The same question.” I reply. “What question?” “Nothing.” “Okay...”

I walk to school. “I wish there was someone like me.” “Someone like who?” Brandon is right next to me. “Seriously, you do NOT want to know.” I reply. “Oh, come on. I sit next to you. I’m your best friend. You can tell me anything.” “NO I CAN’T!” “Well soooooooory!”

I go in the classroom. “Brandon, turn to page 14.” I say. “Okay, turn to math page 14. Today we’re learning about place value!” The teacher says. “Bryan, how did you know what page we were going to turn to?” Brandon asks. “I, uh...” I respond. “Look at this.” I say. Brandon looks at my paper. He sees me concentrating. Then he looks back at my paper, and sees that it’s done! The teacher hadn’t even given out the assignment yet! “Bu- How- Wha-“ Brandon stutters. The teacher says,”Okay, do numbers 1 through 23, skip 24, do 25 through 27, skip 28 and 29, and do 30. I’ll write it on the board. “How did you know the exact numbers?” Brandon asks. “Well...”

Chapter Two: Gabriel

Odessa, Texas

Gabriel Al- Harbi

Age: 12

“I said jump! No! Not that one! How am I supposed to get up there now?! Games are so... so... uncooperative!” He shuts off the game. “I’ll never beat that level.” He starts staring at a glass on the table. “Why are you staring at that glass?” his little sister asks. “Just leave me alone, okay?!” “Okay!” He stares at the glass again. He concentrates... concentrates... the glass, ever so slightly, moved! “Are you doing magic?” His little sister comes out of nowhere and asks.

“No.” He responded. “Then what was it?” she says. “Magic. I guess.” “Mom!” She yells. “No!” “Yes?” His mom says. “He’s doing magic! Watch!” “She’s crazy.” Gabriel says. “He moved the glass without touching it!” “You liar!” “Now don’t get into a fight.” Gabriel’s mom said. With an angry glare at his sister, Gabriel thinks.

“Ow!” His sister yells. “What?” His mom says. “Gabe pinched me!” “No he didn’t. He didn’t even touch you!” With an ANGRIER gaze, his sister walks out of the room.

Chapter Three: Johnny

Miami, Florida

Johnny Trevino


“Ahhhhhh... That hamburger was good!” Johnny says. He plugs in an electrical fan near the sink, before he washes his hands. “Johnny!” His mom yells. “Come down!” “Okay!” He replies. He goes downstairs. “Yes?” “I told you to clean up your mess!” “Sorry. I forgot.” He cleans his dishes, and puts them in the sink. “Do I hear running water?” His mom says. “Do I smell smoke?!” Johnny dashes up the stairs. “Fire!!!” His parents can hear him yell. They run up the stairs.

They see the whole bathroom charred. “Johnny? Where’s the fire? What happened?” They see Johnny unconscious.

“Mom?” Johnny wakes up and sees he’s in a hospital room. “Mom?” “Hi Johnny. I’m glad to see you’re awake.” He sees a doctor come in. “How’s the test results?” His parents walk in. “I’m sorry to say this, but... your son’s going to die.”

Chapter Four: Mysteries


“Three people were found.” “What are their names?” “Well, there’s a Bryan Hermus, a Gabriel Al-Harbi, and a Johnny Trevino. That one is about to be deceased.” “Let’s get him. What does he have?” “According to these records, he has the power to manipulate fire.”

“I’d like those powers. Where is he?” “Miami, Florida.” “Okay, Minolta.” “Don’t call me that, Frank.”

Bryan & Brandon

Palmdale, California

Brandon and I are walking home.“How did you do that?” “I- Look. You can’t tell anyone, all right?” “Fine.” “I think I can stop time! I stopped it, and I looked at the teacher’s notebook. That’s how I did it.”

“You lie.” “Do not!” “Watch. I will change this quarter into a dime.” I concentrate on a quarter I hold up and, nothing happens. I notice everything around me is frozen! “Whoa!” I reach into my pocket and switch the quarter with a dime. I concentrate, and time begins again! “Whoa!” He says. “How’d you do that?!”

Gabriel and his Mom

Odessa, Texas

“Why did you lie about your brother?” Gabriel’s Mom asks. “He did pinch me! Look!” Gabriel’s Mom sees the pinch marks on Gabriel’s sister. “Wha?” “Okay Gabe. How’d you do it?” She says to Gabriel. “I can mo...” “What?” “I can move stu...” “Tell me NOW!” “I CAN MOVE STUFF WITH MY MIND!!!”

Chapter Five: The Chase

“Are we in Florida?” “Yes.” “Near the hospital?” “Yes.” “Good.”

Johnny Trevino

Miami, Florida

“It’s not true... Is it? No... Grr...”

Minolta & Frank

“What the...?” “What is it?” “I heard a crash!” Minolta and Frank run inside. “Do you have a Johnny Trevino here?” Minolta asks. “We used to.” The doctor says. “What?” Minolta looks inside the room. The walls are all broken, and Johnny is missing. Minolta and Frank jump out the window.

“It’s not true. I can’t die. I won’t.” Johnny hears footsteps. “Who’s there?” “Someone to make you meet your demise... Hehehe...” “Hello?” Johnny sees people running towards him. “Who are you?!” Johnny feels a punch to his face, and goes flying backwards. “Minolta! Catch him!” “Gotcha!” “Let go!” “Help!” “Shut it!” “He’s escaping!” “Get him!” “Aaah!” Johnny runs away, through buildings and streets. He runs into an alley. He is cornered!

“No where to run now, huh kid?” “I won’t go!” Johnny is frightened. He points his hands to the ground and...

Chapter Six: They Meet


Bryan Hermus

“You look sad. Wanna go to the beach?” My mom says. “No.” I reply. “Come on. You always wanna go to the beach.” “No.” “Well you’re going whether you like it or not.” “Why?!”


Gabriel Al-Harbi

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that. You know how we signed up for that blender, and it stopped working? They gave us a free trip to California, and we’re going to the beach!”


Minolta & Frank

“He escaped!” “Never let this happen again!” “Where is he?!” According to this tracker he flew to- Oh my...”


Bryan & Mom

“Time for me to sabotage the beach!” I stop time. I walk by everybody, but at one person I stop.He looks nice, spiky hair, obviously a video game geek. I notice there is a bottle of suntan lotion floating in front of him. I turn the bottle upside-down and put it above his head. I thought he must have thrown it up in the air or something. I walk away and look up in the air. I see something. It looked like a comet on fire. I run back to where I was, and continue time again.

It falls down, down, he hits the water with a big crash! Everybody looks toward the ocean. "What was that?" "It’s a meteor!" I see someone jump in the ocean. It’s been 5 minutes since he’s jumped in. Five. Impossible. Not even one breath of air. Not possible. Unless... I’ve found one like me. No. Impossible. Just a coincidence. He can hold his breath long. That’s all. He then comes out with a body. Who in the world is that?


I enter the hospital. I see the kid from before, two shady characters, and the red-head. I say to the kid, "What’s your name?" "Gabriel." The shady characters look at each other. "I’m Bryan." "Hi." "Why’d you do it?" "What?" "Save the kid from the sky." "I didn’t." Suddenly, we see the shady characters jump at us!

Chapter Seven: THAT Kind of Destiny

"Frank! Seize them!" "Minolta look ou-" I open my eyes. Everything is frozen! "Whoa..." Time starts again. I see a kid come in. "Aha!" He says. "Help!" I say to him. He inhales. "What are you doing?!" I say. He exhales... Whoosh! A big gust of wind comes. "Whoa!" I say. Then, the red-head gets up. He points his hands towards Minolta and Frank, and...

BOOM! Fire comes out of his hands. “Whoa!” I jump-dodge. Minolta and Frank are unconscious on the ground. The kid who used the gust of wind from his breath says, “Nice to meet you. Bryan Hermus?” I raise my hand slowly and wave hi. “Gabriel Al-Harbi?” He does the same. “And I assume the fire guy is Johnny Trevino?” “Yes.” He says. “Those guys are- Hey! Where did they go?” “YO- ALL YOU GUYS HAVE P- POWERS!” I say.

I think to myself. Bryan- Time Manipulation. Gabriel- Telekinesis. Johnny- Fire Manipulation Manipulation. “W-w-wow!” I stutter. “Y-y-you...” “Yes.” . We all walk out of the hospital. “Hey you know-” I start to say. “MMPH!” I hear. ” I say. I see something on the ground. A tracking device! I see a bunch of dots. I start concentrating. I close my eyes. When I open them. I notice. I see where I am. I see a man in front of someone.

The man looks like Minolta. The person Minolta is looking at, looks like... I realize something. He looks like... ME! I see Minolta take out a sword. Minolta stabs the kid who looks like me. The kid who looks like me disappears!

Chapter Eight: A Glimpse of the Future

I transport back to the present. "Whoa..." Do I die? I have to change the future. I start walking. "Hmmmmm..." I need to get away from here. Anywhere. Mabye a desert in Texas. Yes. Schedule. I buy tickets for Odessa, Texas.

A day later...

I walk around. I see someone. "Oh." I start running. He catches up to me. "Wah!" He pushes me into a door. I see a kid. Spiky hair. Obviously a video game geek. "Gabriel?" I say. "How do you know my name?" Gabriel asks. "Remember? At the beach?" I say. "Who are you?" He replies. "Minolta." I say. "Maybe if I can go back in time, I can save them." I concentrate. I'm back in the past!

"Hey you know," I hear from past me. I run up to Gabrieand grab them. "MMPH!" They try to say. I drag them away... until I see Frank in front of me.

Chapter Nine: A Little Case of Memory Loss...

I gotta escape... gotta escape... Frank, Gabriel, and Johnny. The next time you see them, they won't know you. I teleport back to the present. "NO!" "Bryan!" I hear.. His power... he can..." "It's pretty obvious what he can do." "Erase memory, right? Well, I took this from him." "File BH12V11I?" "BH?" "Bryan..." "Look inside."

Bryan Hermus ++++++ Little did we know, we met up with him several times. he talked Very accurate. he stopped time next to a person. we Knew it was Brandon, his best friend. we saw him Inside the muisanmyg.


"Muisanmyg?" I ask. "Maybe an anagram." I say. "Sam, sum, us, mug, gym, man-" "It's backwards. Gymnasium." . I turn around. "Whoa!" I yell. "It seems you got away. I am going to get you for good this time. Goodbye."a. He takes out a gun. "No!" I yell. Then, a gunshot.

Chapter Ten: No One is Safe


Kenneth Tivis

Kenneth runs through the bushes. This is what I saw yesterday, He thinks. Yesterday, he was sitting in the bushes. He sees a man running through the bushes. But when he tries to tell someone. Nobody saw anything. And now that same moment is happening the next day, the same time.

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