The Origin of Diesel 10 is a fan-made Thomas & Friends episode.


Vincent is an upper-class shining green diesel-hydraulic engine that pulls the luxurious express passenger trains. He is a good diesel, but despite being quite shy, mild-mannered and professional, he is very stuck-up and arrogant in his ability to pull fine people smoothly and believes he is too good to pull anything besides his important coaches, therefore refusing to pull the goods train.

During a heavy rainstorm, he suffers a flat place on each of his wheels and injures his driver while trying to change it. Pete, a rude and grumpy old railway log-loading crane, tries to lift a heavy scrap metal, but his claw attachment breaks and knock over Vincent's cab roof. He leaves Pete angrily, and goes to the railway works located next-door to the shed. The anger resulting from the pain triggers his rebuild into a evil, powerful, monstrous diesel engine with a rusty oil-stained paint, deep-toned growling voice and a huge nasty, killing mechanical claw renamed "Diesel 10" and renumbered D10, willing to destroy steam engines and cause chaos across the railway.


  • Narrated by Michael Angelis in UK.
  • Narrated by Michael Brandon in USA.


  • Vincent has an upper class English accent while Diesel 10 has a deep, gruff voice and a strong, distinctive American accent.
  • This episode takes place before Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

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