The Orson Pig Show is an American cartoon family sitcom on NBC between 1993-2004, starring Orson Pig, Roy Rooster, Wade Duck, Booker & Sheldon Chick, and Bo & Lanolin Sheep. The show ran for eleven seasons.


The show is about Orson Pig, a single father living in Indianapolis, Indiana, raising two chicks, Booker, and Sheldon. His friends are Roy, Wade, Bo, and Lanolin. He also has a girlfriend named Lenore, his childhood friend whom he hasn't seen in 26 years. He has three older brothers, Gort, Mort, and Wart, who always annoy him.


Main Characters

  • Orson Pig: The main character of the show. He loves to read and his imagination becomes real when he gets carried away. He has two children, both apodted Booker, and Sheldon. His relatives are: Gort, Mort & Wart (his brothers), and Aloysius (his cousin). He also occasinally dresses in a superhero suit and calls himself "Power Pig", which often causes others to fall down laughing at him.
  • Roy Rooster: A greedy rooster who loves playing practical jokes on everyone. He is also shown to be Wade's antagonist, due to Wade being easily frightened by everything, especially Roy's pranks. He has a horse named Charlie.
  • Wade Duck: A cowardly craven duck who is afraid of everything. He wears an inner tube with his head on it, that copies every expression he makes. He lives with his mother, and a butler he hired to drive him, because he is afraid of driving. He has a secret crush on Lanolin.
  • Booker Chick: Orson's eldest son who usually chases worms, but can never catch them. He was named "Booker", because of Orson's love of books. He likes ninjas, and dislikes kumquats.
  • Sheldon Chick: Booker's younger brother who lives inside an egg shell. His appearance outside his shell has never been shown throughout the series. Just like his brother, he likes ninjas, too.
  • Bo Sheep: A laid back sheep who is shown as particularly bright and always cool, collected, and dependable.
  • Lanolin Sheep: Bo's twin sister who is a loud mouth disagreeable sheep, and also a hard worker. She's the only one who could put Roy in his place.

Recurring Characters

  • Filbert The Worm: (main character seasons 4-6), A worm Booker often chases. He left the show after the sixth season, but made a few apperances later on.
  • Fred Duck: (main character seasons 7-11), Wade's highly annoying cousin who isn't afraid of flying, (even though he has a parachure, just in case).
  • Gort, Mort, & Wart Pig: Orson's three older brothers who usually tease Orson, and come into his house to eat. Gort likes to wear hip hop clothing, Wart usually wears hawaiian shirts, and Mort sometimes likes to wear sweater vests to look smart.
  • Weasel: A friend of Orson's brothers, and a con artist. His name was never revealed on the show.
  • Lenore Pig: Orson's childhood and girlfriend. They get married in the tenth season.
  • Aloysius Pig: Orson's pushy cousin who always gives out demerits. He has a wife, whom no one likes, and a younger brother named Timothy.
  • Newton Duck: Wade's other cousin who has a very bad and dangerous memory.                                                  

Orson, Wade, and Sheldon were the most popular characters on the show worldwide. Orson was quoted "funniest pig on earth". Wade was mostly known for his fears. And Sheldon would get the most fan mail from people writing in, asking him how he was hatched (or half-hatched).

Special Guest Stars

Characters from other shows like Garfield, Winnie The Pooh, Peanuts, and Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog would make special guest star appearances on the show.

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