This was it! Twilight Sparkle had put her faith in her giggling friend, Pinkie Pie, to throw the awesomest, funnest, sing-your-butt-off karaoke party in cartoon history. What was the occaision? Heck, do you even NEED an occaision if it's a Pinkie Pie party? Well, the occaision wasn't really much of anything, other than for Twilight to form some close bonds. She already sent the invites, and the library was covered with confetti and streamers, there was even a super hi-fi amp ready for all of the cool tunes!

The first few guests arrived, consisting of Numbuh 5, Marvin, Yugi, and Harold. Pretty soon, almost everyone was there. Almost.

Twilight was looking around, feeling excited until she realized something. "Wait a second!" she exclaimed to herself. She looked around, but she couldn't find him. "WHERE THE HECK IS MANNY RIVERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?!?!?!"

Meanwhile, in the Rivera residence, Manny was just about to finish up his party practice run (hey, he takes this junk seriously!). He practiced his singing, making sure his singing skills were in top condition, and even practiced his entrance. He was planning to go as El Tigre, so not only did he have to make an entrance, but it had to be a pretty freakin' sweet entrance.

As Manny made his way downstairs, out the door, and down the street toward Ponyville, he suddenly felt a disturbance. A chill in the air, if you prefer. Before he even made it into Equestria, he was suddenly forced to the ground! He picked himself up and looked behind, where he saw the most disturbing-looking creature. It was almost like a pony, but with wings. Bug wings. And holes in every inch of her body. Said "creature" subdued Manny by paralyzing him with a spell. Manny, scared and shocked, was teleported out of sight, while this "creature" took his form. Complete with voice.

Back at the party, Twilight was still worried, and wondered if Manny would show up at all. Suddenly, a figure busted through the door, attracting the attention of everyone in the library. The figure looked like Manny. Twilight was enlightened at first, but then felt something strange. She then started becoming unsure of who the figure was. "Wait...Is it really Manny? It looks like Manny. Yes, yes I'm sure it's Manny. It HAS to be! There's only one person I know that could look exactly like him, but she was subdued not too long ago!"

Twilight kept looking. She stared at "Manny", studied him, listened to him. Everything about him was like Manny.

"But...That's NOT Manny......" Twilight thought.

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