Manny awoke, able to move once again, trapped in a labyrinth of trees and shrubs. He was stuck in the Evergreen Forest, unable to find his way out. "Oh, no!" Manny cried, "That freaky-lookin' bug thing is going to do something horrible, I just know it!! I have to get out of here!"

Meanwhile, the other Manny was hanging out in Twilight's bathroom. He-or rather, she-was basking in the genious of her own nefarious plan. "They'll naver know who I really am!" she said.

The fake Manny then started to croon about her plans.

"This day is going to be perfect,

The kind of day in which I dreamed since I was small!

Everyone will put their faith

Within this super powered fake,

For they'll never know that I have fooled them all!!"

The real Manny, back in the forest, started to lament about his situation.

"This day was going to be perfect,

The kind of day in which I dreamed since I was small!

But instead of singing away

With all my friends to celebrate,

I fear that fake will end up ruining it all!"

"I will not fuss about their trust,

I won't partake or sing away!

Lyrics, I'll be lying if I say

That through good or bad, whatever

Our friendship will last forever,

I am nothing like that kitten anyway!

No, I hate the hero,

In my mind he is no more,

But I still want his friends for my own!!!!"

"I must escape before it's too late;

find a way to save the day!

Hope, I'll be lying if I say

That I don't fear I might lose them

To someone who will abuse them,

Not care for them or help them out each day!

No, I'm not a hero,

But in my mind there is some hope!

Oh, evil insect, you'll never harm this world!!!!"

The fake Manny waited in anticipation. She would cause everyone to hate Manny, then turn back into her true form in front of them.

"Finally, the right time and place

For El Tigre to perform a turn of face!"

"Oh, the event, I won't make,

They'll end up dealing with a fake!

This world will soon be!..."

"Mine, all mine! Hahahaha!"

The song was originally "This Day Aria", which I don't own. The original belongs to Lauren Faust, Hasbro, etc.

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