The fake Manny went up to the mic. "Attention everyone!" she announced, somewhat deviously. "I just want to say that--" "HOLD IT!!" cried Twilight, cutting the fake Manny off. "You cannot fool me! I know who you are!!"

Meanwhile, the real Manny was just about out of the forest. He could see Ponyville not too far away. The lights of the town shone brightly, giving him hope. He ran off as quickly as he could, off to stop the fake Manny and save everyone!

Eventually, Manny made it to the library. Just as Twilight Sparkle was going to expose the fake Manny for who she really was, Manny busted through the door. "THAT'S...NOT.....MEEEEE!!!" Manny screamed, out of breath, and unsheathing his claws. "Hmph, looks like you've figured me out," announced the fake Manny, as she quickly transformed into her true form. "I am actually Queen Chrystalis, the shape-shifting insect pony!" she declared. "I knew it!!" cried Twilight.

Everyone was preparing for an epic battle, weapons ablaze, powers at the ready, the ponies even grabbed the Elements of Harmony as quick as possible. Queen Chrystalis called in her Changelings; tiny insect-like ponies that, like her, could shape-shift. The Changelings fought hard, being no match for the others. They couldn't defeat the Duel Monsters, or an Explosive Space Modulator, or the powers of the Silver Crystal. Eventually, Chrystalis was the the only one left. Everyone attacked, full speed, full force, at Chrystalis....but it failed! As a last resort the Mane Six banded together, ready to use the Elements. The Elements, unfortunately, only got half the job done; Chrystalis was weaker, but not finished off. While everyone tried Plan A once again, Twilight ran off to see if there was a way to stop Chrystalis. Just as almost everyone was too weak to carry on, Twilight found it: the song that could banish Chrystalis back to her own domain.....

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