Pirates of the Kessel Run Episode 4: The Secrets of the Golden Touch


  1. Opening Logos
  2. The Secrets of the Golden Touch
  3. Rescuing Bail Organa
  4. Confrontation with Ventress
  5. Friends Reunited
  6. A New Mission
  7. Arrival on Earth
  8. Carolyn Soule
  9. Rescuing Emilia Greenleaf
  10. Car Chase
  11. Lactose Intolerant
  12. Not Guaranteed
  13. Emilia's Apartment
  14. You Need Help
  15. History of Midas
  16. Skating Training
  17. First Date
  18. A Child Found
  19. Registered Online
  20. Ambush
  21. Anakin and Padme to the Rescue
  22. Rapid River Escape
  23. Prison Break
  24. Emilia's Confession
  25. Saving William and Carolyn
  26. Discovering the Hand of Midas
  27. Battle for the Golden Touch
  28. Johnny and Emilia share a Moment with Carolyn and William
  29. Partnership of Johnny and Emilia
  30. Sailing to Illinois
  31. End Credits

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