The Othersiders is an American animated television series produced by Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold! creator), created by Seth MacFarlene (Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show) and produced by Mike Milo (director of Chowder). This show aires on Nicktoons in July 7, 2013. It is McFarlene's first cartoon series outside of FOX.


This show is about the adventures of five 13-year old children of different ethic descents (there all born in America though) attending a high school where they unconver the mysterious mysteries of high school life and several secrets as well.


The production of the show is which Seth MacFarlene does not use his Family Guy art style but uses a slightly different art style similar to the Jetsons parody on Family Guy. Craig Bartlett does the designs for the characters and Mike Milo does the script righting and directings. The show was animated in similar style to Hey Arnold!, Recess, The Weekenders and other child-oriented cartoons.

The voice actors consist mostly on child/teen actors and adult voice actors.

The directors and musicians had to use different tunes of music per kid since they come from different cultures such as Indian music for the Indian-ethnic character Swaroop and Asian music for the Japanese girl Miko.

The show is often refered to fans as a combination of Blake Holsey High, Tower Prep, Hey Arnold! and Scooby Doo with a dash of The Amazing World of Gumball.


  • Thaddeus "Dash" Burns: Voiced by Logan Miller. A 13-year old Caucasian American having a German ancestor; making him part-German, who is an athlete and a fast tracker. Dash's original name is Thaddeus but changed it because its too bland. He has a mother named Rachel who works as a shopkeep and a father named Alfred who works as a secretary in the MLK High. Dash is the only one not using a motor equiptment rather using his speed. His catchphrase is "Coolmungus".
  • Miko Takanawa: Voiced by Janice Kawaye. A 13-year old Japanese American girl who is the love interest of Dash. She sometimes says Japanese words in her vocabulary. Her catchphrase is "Chotto mate" meaning Wait a minute in Japanese. Her mother named Yoshida teaches Japanese to English speaking students and her father Hiro runs a video game corporation making her rich, but does not approve of her love of Dash. She also has an Obaachan (grandmother in Japanese) who's appearance is based on a Madame Butterfly. She uses roller skates to come by.
  • Swaroop Shatka: Voiced by Maulik Pancholy. A 13-year old Indian American boy who's family moved to New Jersey in Mysterytown from India to give birth to him. Swaroop understands American culture but is proud and is heavingly based on his Indian customs. He has a mother named Neela who cooks good vindaloo, a father named Bratar who is concerned on his belly, a brother named Bakla who is a hipster wannabee and an Ajee (grandmother in Hindi) who wears a baseball cap and is smart. He cares about animals, mostly cows. His catchphrase is "Carmallicious". He goes everywhere with his purple skateboard.
  • Sabrina Delgado: Voiced by Grey DeLisle. A 13-year old Italian American girl who is always seen sucking on pacifiers. This is due to her soothing calms her and makes her relive her life as a baby. Sabrina is a dumb blonde mostly often going off the track and forgetting about certain facts. She has a mother named Samantha who does not like her daughters habit, a father named Mario who is careless and a little brother named Svengilli who often mocks Sabrina for her choices. His catchphrase is "You guys are idiots" referring to Benny and Dash. She uses a scooter to ride everywhere.
  • Benjamin Franklin "Benny" Bernie Rodriguez: Voiced by Valente Rodriguez. A 13-year old Latino American boy with a slight overweighton and has an accent similar to a Mexican man. He is luckless with women and is always having a trouble eating. He used to play baseball until he was injured. He is Dash's best friend since there early childhood. His catchphrase is "Golly" stating when he is upset. He rides a bicycle so he can lose some fat. He only has a single mother named Angela who is just as fat as her son and a brother named Ricky who is older than him.

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