TheUnitedPikachus version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo-Soren(Legend of The Guardians)

Esmeralda-Gloria(Happy Feet)

Phoebus-Mumble(Happy Feet)

Claude Frollo-Metalbeak(Legend of the Guardians)

Hugo-Digger(Legend of The Guardians)

Victor-Twilight(Legend of The Guardians)

Laverne-Gylfie(Legend of The Guardians)



Guards-Pure Ones(Legend of the Guardians)

Guard Leaders-Kludd and Allomere(Legend of the Guardians)

Djali-Spike(My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

Puppet Clopin-Baby Blu(Rio)

Achilles-Pumbaa(The Lion King)

Quasimodo's Mother-Marella(Legend of The Guardians)

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