The PBS and Fiji Television Patrol was a television series that was created by Aja22

About the Show

From the creators of The Land of Teletoon, This preschool and teen show is about an leader named Parappa the Rapper and his gang (Dot, Dash, Kahlil from Bebe's Kids, Pernell from P-Pals and Suzie Kabloozie) are fixing a problems in this episode. Each episode features Doink sound effect when 5 characters are shocked and original songs. Theme Song is performed by Scratchpad Wikia Harmony Girls


  • Marques Houston as Kahlil
  • Dred Foxx as Parappa The Rapper
  • Ruth Buzzi as Suzie Kabloozie
  • Mason Therrel as Dash from PBS Kids
  • Elsie Fisher as Dot from PBS Kids
  • Cree Summer as Captain Infinity
  • Himself as Pernell from P-Pals (Season 2 only)


Season 1 (2006-2007)

  1. Suzie Kabloozie, Come Home
  2. Every PBS and Fiji Television Vote Counts
  3. Dash's Doomsday Dounts
  4. The Fairy PBS
  5. Snowbound Round
  6. Secret Agent PBS
  7. The P Pals Arrives
  8. Parappa Plays the Turntables
  9. Dash and the Beanstalk
  10. Parappa's Rap Song
  11. The PBS Switcheroo
  12. The PBS Grand Prix
  13. PBS Surprise Party

Season 2 (2007-2008)

  1. Pernell's Rapping Skill
  2. Dash and Dot's Tonsils
  3. Suzie Kabloozie's Lost Shoes
  4. The Cute PBS Bird
  5. Happy Birthday, Dash and Dot
  6. Bad Hair Day
  7. The PBS Kids Jamboree
  8. Kahlil Sing the Rap Song
  9. PBS the Musical
  10. The PBS Art Museum
  11. Parappa the Rapper Plays the Turntables Again
  12. A Star is Born
  13. Dash and Dot's Lemonade Stand

Production Companies

  1. It's a Laugh Productions (season 1 only)
  2. Stretch Films Inc (season 1 only)
  3. PorchLight Entertainment (season 2 only)
  4. Toei Animation
  5. Warner Bros Television

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