Squacky: Hey Cowbella! I've got to get a new special bug.
Cowbella: Bugs! I love bugs!
Squacky {flys up in the balloon}: I know how to see Apollo, Cowbella, and Sweetpea Sue. Did you see them? There he is! Thanks.
Sweetpea Sue, Apollo and Sweetpea Sue: It's Squacky!
Squacky: I'm back! The Peanuts gang are here.
Cowbella {sleeping}:
Squacky: Cowbella has been asleep for a long time. I guess we better to wake him up. When I count to three, lets all say, "Wake up Cowbella!" and hope he wakes him up and starts like a clown. So when I count to three, lets say "Wake up Cowbella". Ready? 1, 2, 3.
Squacky, Apollo, Sweetpea Sue, and Gang: WAKE UP COWBELLA!
Cowbella {singing}: I am a clown. I am a clown. I've been for a rebirth, I am a clown. {says}: Yeah.
Apollo: Quick! The Pajanimals are going on adventure for Fireman Sam's birthday party.
Squacky {driving}: And know what the ducks have quaked today. What does it says?
Sweetpea Sue: "Acorns does not following you have his... UNDERWEAR!"
Squacky {sees Cowbella sleeping and holds the map}: Cowbella has been sleep again for a time. I think we better wake him up. When I count to three, let's all say "Wake up Cowbella" even screaming. 1, 2, 3.
Squacky, Apollo and Sweetpea Sue: WAKE UP COWBELLA!
Cowbella: {sleeping}
Squacky: Let's wake him up again. when I count to three, lets say, wake up Cowbella even screamer and louder. 1, 2, 3.
All: {screaming} WAKE UP COWBELLA!
Cowbella: I'm awake! Awake! Thanks for awake everyone! You did a job!
Squacky: Thanks for waking Cowbella up. Good job!
Cowbella: {sleeping}
Squacky: Is Cowbella sleep again? Yes! Alright, when I count to three, lets all say "Wake up Cowbella" really even louder. Ready? One, two, three.

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