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The Pale Moon Bar is a freak/goth club near the docks in New Hope. It is known to be a place that attracts all kinds of spirits. It was created by a hedge wizard kinfolk named Milo who mysteriously vanished in September of 2008. In October of 2008, the werewolf pack known as Freedom's Rage took possession of the bar. They kept most of the staff. This bar is known to make thousands of dollars every night.


  • The head bartender is a beautiful woman named Ava who wears only lingerie while she tends bar.
  • Lillian Dowell is a bouncer.
  • Donovan Dowell manages the bar.
  • Spike the bouncer is the head of security at the bar. He is good friends with Ava and, although he is large and intimidating, seems to be a very nice man.

The customers generally only consist of freaky people and goths.

Regular Customers:

  • Thomas Dowell is regularly seen sitting at the bar getting free drinks and chatting with Ava.
  • A crazy tattoo man runs around the bar offering and providing free tattoos to anyone who asks.

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