The Panda World 2 (also known as The Panda's re-visit) is an upcoming sequel to The Panda World. The movie stars Berry as Murph and Alex as Max again. The parents are set to reapper in the sequel as they did in the first movie. The cast of the charectars will reprise their roles. The movie is set for a release in 2014.


It has been one year after  Murph visited his parents everyday throughout the middle of 2013Murph and Max travel to China to visit them but they discover Murph's parents moved to The New York City zoo wich they go to through a door.

By: Roc. 


Murph and Max go to China to visit Murph's parents but they've moved. They discover a secret door is right in front of them, together they travel in New York City. They find  Mr. and Ms. Gordon trapped inside cages wich means they got captured  by Markey Markess Jr., Murph tries saving his parents but falls and the cage lands right on top of him and Max causing them to be trapped.  Murph use's his blade to get the cage off of them. Lifting it up cause's Markey, Markess Jr. to fall killing him.  Murph and Max and Murph's parents arrive back into China. This time Max is apart of Murph's family.


Berry as Murph.

Alex as Max.

Floopity as Ms. Gordon.

Melman as Mr. Gordoon.

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