• Charlie Brown as Victor Van Dort
  • Marcie as Victoria Everglot
  • Patty as Emily The Corpse Bride
  • Elsa (from Frozen) as Nell Van Dort/Hildegrade
  • Mike (from Monsters, Inc. and University) as William Van Dort
  • Count Dracula (from Hotel Transylvania) as Mayhew
  • Sulley (from Monsters, Inc. and University) as Paul The Head Waiter
  • Lucy as Maudeline Everglot
  • Merlin (from Shrek) as Finis Everglot
  • Hans (from Frozen) as Pastor Galswells
  • Mary Katernine (from Epic) as Mrs Plum
  • Flo (from Cars) as Black Widow Spider
  • Archibald Snatcher (from The Boxtrolls) as Maggot
  • Vector (from Despicable Me) as Bonejangles
  • Principal Skinner (from The Simpsons) as Skeletons
  • Shrek (from Shrek) as Elder Gutknecht
  • Dr. Hibbert (from The Simpsons) as General Bonesapart
  • Grandpa Abe (from The Simpsons) as Emil the Butler
  • Barney (from The Simpsons) as Mayhew's horse
  • Schroeder as Skeleton
  • Shermy as Scrap Dog
  • Oaken (from Frozen) as Grandfather Everglot
  • Woodstock as Soemin Village Boy
  • Moe (from The Simpsons) as Town Crier

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