• Charlie Brown as Mike
  • Count Dracula (from Hotel Transylvania) as Sulley
  • Schroeder as Don Carlton
  • Carl Fredrickson (from UP) as Art
  • Linus as Squishy
  • Lightning McQueen and Mater (from Cars) as Terri Perry and Terry Perry
  • Elsa (from Frozen) as Ms. Squibbles
  • Shermy as Professor Knight
  • Lucy as Dean Hardscrabble
  • Sulley (from Monsters, Inc. and University) as Brock Pearson
  • Boo (from Monsters, Inc.) as Clarrie Wheeler
  • Woodstock as Archie
  • Vector (from Despicable Me) as Randall
  • Archibald Snatcher (from The Boxtrolls) as Johnny
  • Kron (from Dinosaur) as Chett Alexander
  • Rosie (from A Bug's Life) as Javier Rios
  • Mr. Waternoose (from Monsters, Inc.) as Reggie Jacobs
  • Hans (from Frozen) as Chip Goff
  • Patty as Carrie Willams
  • Linda (from Rio) as Heather Olson
  • Big Mama (from The Fox and the Hound) as Brittany Davis
  • Flo (from Cars) as Crystal Du Bois
  • Marcie as Taylor Holobrook
  • Grammy Norma (from The Lorax) as Violet
  • Patty (from The Simpsons) as s Donna
  • Selma (from The Simpsons) as Brynn
  • Judy (from Jumanji) as Maria
  • Wendy Testaburger (from South Park) as Carla

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