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(A moving truck passes by)

(The gang look at the moving truck)

Louie: Hey, gang, look! There's a new kid moving in!

Cody: I just hope this new kid has never heard of me. It's not often you get the opportunity to start over with a clean slate. This time, things will be different.

(Cody falls down a piece of wood on a fence, then the whole fence collapsed down)

All: He did it!

(They all run away)

(Bolt facepalms)

(Cody changes his clothes)

Cody: I'm going to change who I am and become a winner.

(Cody opens the door with Wendy Corduroy trying to open the wrong side of the door)

Wendy Corduroy: Whoa.

Tagline: Find the courage

Narrator: Find the courage,

(Bolt climbs in to the school window to pretend he's a classmate and getting his paw injured by the puncher)

Cody: If there's one person you want by your side at a moment like this, it's your loyal dog.

Bolt: Owwww!

(Bolt gets kicked out of the school)

Robyn: No dogs!

Tagline: to dream big.

Narrator: to dream big.

Robyn: If you really want to impress people, you need to show them you're a winner!

(A montage plays where Cody becomes a champion)

Robyn: Of course, when I say "you", you know I didn't mean you personally.

Bolt: Blech!

Tagline: AnimatedFan195 Productions presents

Narrator: AnimatedFan195 Productions presents,

(Cody makes snowmen and plays baseball, winter style)

Cody: Step 1: forget everything you ever knew about yourself.

(Bolt hands Cody a snowball)

Cody: Cody is not a quitter!

(Cody throws a ball, then his clothes went flying, causing him to fail at baseball. Then the ball hits two of the snowmen, and Bolt starts crying)

Cody: Are you serious?

Tagline: Jamie

Narrator: Jamie,

(Jamie plays piano on his desk)

Tagline: Jenny Foxworth

Narrator: Jenny Foxworth,

Jenny: Yee-haw!

(Jenny lands on Bolt)

Bolt: Ugh.

Tagline: Christopher Robin

Narrator: Christopher Robin,

Christopher Robin: Hey, Cody.

(A kite lands on Cody's head)

Cody: Ow!

Tagline: Wendy Corduroy

Narrator: Wendy Corduroy,

Tambry: Sir!

(Wendy Corduroy wakes up after falling asleep in class)

Wendy Corduroy: Two! No, three!

Tagline: Pinocchio

Narrator: Pinocchio,

(Pinocchio dances in the club)

Tagline: Robyn Starling

Narrator: Robyn Starling,

Robyn: You blockhead!

Tagline: Bolt

Narrator: Bolt,

(Bolt lets the kids through the class door)

Bolt: Wow.

(Bolt winks)

Tagline: Cody

Narrator: and Cody.

(Cody looks dreamy when Penny comes in to the school)

Louie: The new kid is coming!

(Penny's appearance enters with a cute look)

Jamie: She's pretty.

Robyn: She's not that pretty.

(Cody gasps and hides under his desk)

Cody: She looked at me.

(The gang say their oohs at Cody)

(The gang go skiing with Bolt and Kessie as a race with the gang holding hands on each other)

Narrator: From the imagination of Disney/Non-Disney,

(Bolt flies on his doghouse while taking on Yokai)

(Robyn gets covered in paint)

Robyn: Ugh!

(Wendy Corduroy shoots the puck with her hockey stick)

(Vanellope's hair gets ruined)

Vanellope: My naturally curly hair!

(Cody sets up for the play with putting the sword on Bolt)

Narrator: comes the incredible story

Mowgli: Ooh.

Riley: Now there's the guy who's going places.

(Cody ends up slipping and falling on the sled while putting "War and Peace" on the sled)

Narrator: of an underdog and his dog.

(Bolt passes the book on to Cody while looking at a book about the Red Baron)

Cody: Bolt, what would I do without a friend like you?

(Cody and Bolt go to Penny's house)

Cody: I can't believe I'm about to talk to the new girl!

(Cody tries to ring the doorbell, but he couldn't do it. Cody sighs. Bolt sighs too. But as Cody tries to leave, Bolt rings the doorbell quickly. Cody screams.)

(Penny answers the door but there was no answer)

Penny: Hello? Hmmm.

(Cody exclaims after hiding in a tree bush)

(Bolt walks away sadly)

(A short montage begins with Cody falling in a library with all the books falling, Cody and Bolt looking at someone, Christopher Robin hiding in his blanket, Tambry throwing on Wendy Corduroy like karate, Tiago laughing, Pinocchio and Eilonwy dancing with Riley looking in disgust, Jenny riding on Bolt, Bolt dancing like a wild man, Cody getting ready for the play, Bolt flying on his doghouse, and Cody looking at Penny on the window)

Jenny: What are you looking at, big brother?

Cody: Are you crazy?

(Cody and Jenny end up getting stuck in the blinds while trying to look at Penny)

Jenny: Hey, I wanna see!

Cody: Whoa!

Title: The Peanuts Movie (AnimatedFan195 Human Style).

Narrator: The Peanuts Movie (Human Style).

(Cody dances with a mop but hits a lamp, but Bolt does a "Bandolero" dance to Cody)

All: Ooh.

(Bolt smiles)

Tagline: Coming Soon to your computer.

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