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MyOwnMovies's seventh movie-spoof of "The Pebble and the Penguin". This is also a Roma Downey's Little Angels/Home on The Range crossover.


  • Hubie - Alex (Roma Downey's Little Angels)
  • Marina - Zoe (Roma Downey's Little Angels)
  • Drake - Alameda Slim (Home on The Range)
  • Rocko - Uriel (Roma Downey's Little Angels)
  • The Leopard Seal - Hydra (Hercules)
  • The Bird Kids - Themselves
  • Drake's Minions - The Willie Brothers (Home on The Range)
  • Drake's Servents - Dracula & Mavis (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Gentoo - Fluttershy (MLP: FiM)
  • Chubby - Carl (Jimmy Neutron)
  • Gwynne, Priscilla & Pola - Candlehead, Rancis Fluggerbutter & Taffyta Muttonfudge (Wreck-it Ralph)
  • King - King Candy (Wreck-it Ralph)
  • Royal - Hayley (Roma Downey's Little Angels)
  • Chinstraps - Pucca, Garu and Ching (Pucca TV series)
  • Killer Whales - Parasprites (MLP: FiM)
  • Tika - Dot (A Bugs Life)
  • Scrawny - Thumper (Bambi 2)
  • Magenellics - Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell (TUFF Puppy)


  • Alameda Slim/Drake: So, Zoe, when shell I announce the engagement? Today, Tommorrow, Wednesday?
  • Zoe/Marina: Alameda Slim, I wouldn't marry you if you were the Last Man on Earth!
  • Alameda Slim/Drake: Don't worry. I'll make it an official with the obilgitory pebble and all that.
  • Zoe/Marina: The answer is no!

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