This crossover features The Wiggles sounds and The Penguins of Madagascar clips.


  • Skipper as Greg
  • Kowalski as Anthony
  • Rico as Murray
  • Private as Jeff
  • Marlene as Dorothy the Dinosaur (they're both good friends to the penguins and the Wiggles)
  • King Julien as Henry the Octopus (they both love music and dancing)
  • Mort as Wags the Dog (they're both brown)
  • Maurice as Captain Feathersword
  • Rhonda as Flora Door
  • Hans as Season 1 Door and Movie Door
  • Dr. Blowhole as Wally (they're both evil)

Video parodies

  • Boogie Time!
  • Yummy Yummy
  • Big Pink Car
  • Wake Up Private!
  • The Penguins Movie (before season 1)
  • It's a Madagascar Penguin World (before season 2)

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