'The Perry the Platypus Movie' is a parody animated movie with 'Phineas and Ferb' clips and 'The Tigger Movie' audio.

Cast of Characters

Perry the Platypus as Tigger

Phineas Flynn as Winnie the Pooh

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro as Kanga

Pinky as Roo

Ferb Fletcher as Piglet

Candace Flynn as Rabbit

Baljeet as Eeyore

Major Monogram as Owl

Irving as Christopher Robin

Norm-Bots as Bees

Leaping Lizards as Frogs


'Disney XD Presents'

The camera pans around Irving's room. There are picture frames of Baljeet, Candace, Ferb, Major Monogram, Perry, Isabella and Pinky.

Narrator: Now, this could be the room of any small boy, but it just happens to belong to a boy named Irving. Like some small boys, Irving had idols, and together, they had many remarkable adventures in a wonderful city called Danville.

Cut to a photo frame of Phineas that is next to a book entitled 'Phineas Flynn'. The book opens.

Narrator: But of all his idols, Irving's very favourite idol was boy called Phineas Flynn.

An enraged Perry appears on screen.

Perry: Phineas Flynn?! Wait half a darn minute!

Perry closes the book. He is only as big as a bug.

Perry: It seems to me that most of these stories are about that endlessly inventing boy!

The book opens again.

Narrator: Well then, Perry, who should this story be about?

Perry: Well, I happen to know someone who's extremely fascinating. Not to mention, handsome and debonairly. [Chattering]

Narrator: But the title already says 'Phineas Flynn'.

Perry: Oh, that's easy to fix!

He climbs to the very top of the book and tugs onto the words of the title, which causes the book to fall over, right on top of Perry. He manages to push the book back up and it seems that the letters from the book have fallen down as well! Perry rearranges the letters and sticks them onto the book, later, he calls for a toy truck-load of other letter; he sticks them onto the book as well. Soon the title now says, 'The Perry the Platypus Movie'. The Ps have beaver tails as well. Perry nudges the book, and the words 'Perry the Platypus' turn green and orange. He seems pleased with his work.

Perry: There! Now that's a catchy title! And speaking of 'catchy songs'... [Chattering]

He runs towards the book and leaps into it. In the book, in Danville, Perry cartwheels along a street.

Men Off Screen: Dooby Dooby Doo Ba! Dooby Dooby Do Ba! Dooby Dooby Doo Ba! Dooby Dooby Doo Ba!

Perry: Hit it!

Choir: Perry!

Perry: Oh, yeah!

He swings on lampposts, hops over buildings, slides down pipes, and surfs on tree branches.

Man Off Screen: [Singing] He's a semi aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action! He's a furry little flatfoot who'll never flinch from a fra-ee-ay-ee-ay! He's got more than just mad skill, he's got a beaver tail and a bill! And the women swoon whenever they hear him say...

Perry: [Chattering]

Women: [Swooning]

Man Off Screen: He's Perry, Perry the Platypus! Perry, Perry the Platypus! Well, he's lookin' real sharp in his 1940's fedora. He's got an iron will, nerves of steel, and several other metal-themed attributes. His fur is watertight! And he's always up for a fight! So when evil hears this sound, it sinks in its food...

Perry: [Chattering]

Man Off Screen: He's Perry, Perry the Platypus! Perry!

Perry soon reaches the Flynn-Fletcher house and bounces up stairs.

Perry: Everybody now!

Perry, Man Off Screen and Choir: Agent...

Perry bumps into Phineas.

Perry and Phineas: Oof!

They both tumble and turn until they stop. Perry is on top of Phineas.

Perry: Hello, I'm Perry! That's P, E, Double R, Y! And that's me! [Chattering]

Phineas: I know we've been together since we were young.

Perry: [Chuckling] Good times weren't they?

Perry jumps into Phineas' room and Phineas follows him.

Perry: Say, you want to do a few stunts with me?

He hops around the room tumbling and cartwheeling. He unkowingly knocks over some glue on the floor, which causes the glue to squirt out of it.

Perry: On account of stunts are what platypuses do...

Perry accidentally steps on the glue and then steps on a spanner. This causes the spanner to stick to his webbed foot. He looks at his foot.

Perry: ...The best at.

He tries to shake the spanner off his foot while Phineas picks up some tools off the floor and puts them into a tool box.

Phineas: Well, I would go do some stunts with you, Perry, except that I must count all these tools to be sure that I have enough for the winter.

Perry continues to try to get the spanner off his foot by shaking it. Phineas tries to help by tugging the spanner.

Phineas: Let me get that, please.

He continues tugging until thespanner snaps off Perry's foot. Phineas accidentally rolls into the cupboard and sits under a pile of clothes.

Phineas: Nuts!

Perry gets the glue off his foot.

Perry: Yuck! Well, no time for goofing off, I've got stunts to do.

He heads for the door.

Perry: T.T.F.N! Ta Ta For Now! [Chattering]

He closes the door as Phineas looks around, still covered in clothes.

Phineas: Perry, are you still there?

He bumps into the wall, and falls over.

Phineas: Oof! Oh, nuts!

Downstairs, Ferb is putting on many coats and earmuffs while shivering.

Ferb: [Teeth chatters]

Perry leaps on him.

Ferb: [Screaming]

Perry: Hiya, Ferb, Old Pal! Why don't we do a bit of daring stunts togehther, huh?

Perry jumps off Ferb.

Ferb: S... s... stunts? Oh, my! We haven't got enough fire wood to last the winter and...

Perry: Why, sure we do! There's lots of fire wood, it's lying all over the place!

He picks up a chair and throws it into the fireplace.

Ferb: [Screaming]

The fireplace lights up and the chair burns.

Perry: There! Now we can go do some stunts!

Ferb: B.. but, I think I'd rather prefer that my fire wood to not have quite so much... chair in it.

Perry's disappointed.

Perry: Oh. Well, then...

He runs out of the house.

Perry: ...T.T.F.N! Better be running along! [Chattering]

Later at Isabella's house, Isabella is raking the leaves in the backyard. Perry hops across the fence and raises his hat to Isaeblla.

Perry: Hello, there! And good morning, Mrs Isabella, ma ' am!

Isabella: Well, good morning, Perry, dear.

Perry blushes.

Perry: [Chuckles] She called me "dear"!

Isabella: What'cha doing?

Perry: Finding someone to perform stunts with me. Perhaps you would be interested going a few stunts with me, would ya?

Upstairs, Pinky is watching Perry and Isabella talk. He smiles and runs off screen to the right.


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