The Phantom Agents is an American animated adaption of the Japanese television series of the same name. The show is animated by Animation Collective, Inc. using the same animation/anime style like that of the show's previous works, Kappa Mikey. The show features some footage from the Taiwan show, Phili during some action shows. The show is premiering on Cartoon Network on October 12, 2012.

The series is actually a reboot of Wulin Warriors, another Cartoon Network that uses footage from Phili. Unlike Wulin Warriors, The Phantom Agents features a popular fanbase and more humor as it's in a Japanese anime style instead of puppet live-action series, plus the opening sequence features voice talents of Sean Schemmel and Vic Mignoga which also increased it's popularity. The show was commissioned a second season by Cartoon Network.


The world is doomed of being overtaken by the Black Flags and now 17 year old Kai, who is the keeper of the Ghost Sword and next in line for the Phantom Agents Organization, must train and alline his team in order to defeat them once and for all.

Similar to the original series, sometimes the characters carries guns which is used as the last resort, although some of them slip up. At the beginning of the show, one of the character says, "Don't do that. Guns are our last resort. Remember we are Phantom Agents."


  • Kai Eiichinaka: The next in line as the leader of the Phantom Agents organization, at the age of 17, who possesses the Ghost Sword which belonged to his deceased father. Kai can be wise-cracking and energetic but has a good heart. He is voiced by Sean Schemmel.
  • Yakoggi: Kai's faitful and loyal companion who is a great warrior and shows him the ropes of being a Phantom Agent. Yakoggi wields the golden shurikens of earth and is also deadpan.
  • Yunahime: A geisha super-spy girl who is the stitch to the Phantom Agents providing the gang some "secret information" and top-secret plans in order to outsmart the enemies. She possesses the Bladed Claw of the Light allowing electricity to produce.
  • Lord Demoncron: The king of the Black Flags Organization who possesses dark energy allowing him to create monsterous demons to cater to his every whim.
  • Laonitte: The humble servant to Lord Demoncron who is of an unidentified alien species but possesses the power to see through all human blood's future and feelings. He is also the master of disguise.
  • Crybaby: A lowly creature who is always seen sobbing but is not a Phantom Agent nor Black Flag but serves as an ally for the Phantom Agents. His superpower is sonic screams and massive tantrumpts.
  • Windham: A woodland creature, mostly an elf, that provides trades and goods in exchange for favors, tasks and missions. He has a guttural laugh, like Popeye.

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