The Photo Machine is a machine that can actually bring alternative timelines into existence when-ever the future is erased from existence. 

Creator: Tom (Charectar).

Created: March 7th, 2014.

March 7th, 2014.

By: Roc.


The machine was created by Tom and he put pictures in the machine so he could actually reverse time.   Lenny used them to make things go back to how they were. When the machine was used everything was fine until after Lenny destroyed the machine, Tom and Lenny go to Shape House City to find Max he was still evil. Mr. Handerson chased Tom and Lenny down but Tom destroyed the machine to turn Max 14 again, Mr. Handerson was happy that Max returned to normal. As a result Ben came and wanted to destroy the machine on his own. But Tom gave Ben a machine that made him re-live his childhood. The picture reflected on Tom, Lenny and Max. Tom destroyed the machine again. Lenny and Max fly back to Picture City. Tom screams and destroys the machine for the 4th, time taking the time to where he showed Lenny, Kyle, Max, Tim and Joardan the photo machine back wich was empty.  At home the machine has re-pogramed itself at home Tom gets Spray-on Ice and it shuts the machine down. 

By: Roc

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