Version 1 (made by Vinhchaule)

  • The Pink Panther as Peter Griffin
  • Pink Panther's Girlfriend as Lois Griffin
  • Tijana Toad #1 as Jesus
  • The Dogfather as Cleveland Brown
  • Tijana Toad #2 as Chris Griffin
  • Queen as Meg Griffin
  • Simone Clouseau as Diane Simmons
  • SM Clouseau as Tom Tucker
  • The Aardvark as Glenn Quagmire
  • The Ant as Joe Swanson
  • Hoot Kloot as Stewie Griffin
  • The Blue Racer and Crazy Legs Crane as Vern and Johnny
  • Misterjaw as Seamus
  • Drunk's Wife (from Pickled Pink) as Bonnie Swanson
  • Rattfink as Vinny Griffin
  • and more

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