This page is for the nonexistant TV show THE PJOFFS, based on the Pjoff Family created byDagostino, Hazelcats, and the Storm Rider.


The show is rated PG. Other things. Whatnot.


Every episode begins with: Not too long ago, in a blue planet quite nearby....

Then it fades out to black and the words PJOFFs come in.

A bullet is shot through the O and the letters fall down. A starry black field is there. The camera pans around until it locates Earth. It zooms in to North America. Then it zooms in to a city labeled "Somewhere in (location of episode)"

==Season 1==

  1. Somewhere at Home: The Pjoffs move into their new Montreal home. Weird next door neighbor.
  2. Somewhere at School: The kids start the new school year.
  3. Somewhere at LaGuardia: The family is trying to get to San Fran from LaGuardia Airport.
  4. Somewhere in San Fran with a Turkey: The family gets to San Fran.
  5. Somewhere in New York: The family visits New York over the winter break.
  6. Add more!

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