Plot summary

Chloe roams cheerfully through the neighborhood 1 warm summer vacation, practicing her whistling techniques. She wants to be able to whistle for her puppy dog, Scootch, and at last, she finally succeeds.

Story Script

Oh, how Chloe wished she could really whistle like all of the other young girl kids.

She saw a young girl playing with her puppy dog.

Whenever the young girl whistled real loud, the puppy dog ran straight to her.

Chloe tried and tried very hard to whistle, but she couldn't.

So instead, she began turning herself around-----around and around she twirled.......faster and faster.......when she stopped.......everything else turned down.......and up.......and up.......and down.......and around.......and around.

Chloe saw her white puppy dog, Scootch coming.

Fast as a wink, she hid right into an empty carton that was lying on the sidewalk.

"Wouldn't it be hilarious if I just whistled?" Chloe thought. "Then Scootch would stop to look around to see who it was."

Chloe tried very hard again to whistle, but she still couldn't. So Scootch just walked on. Chloe got outta the carton and began walking back home to her house. Along the way, she took some rainbow colored sidewalk chalks outta her right pocket and began drawing a very long line right up to her door step. She stood there and tried very hard to whistle again. She blew very hard 'til her light red cheeks were very tired. But nothing happened.

She went right inside her house and put on her mother's daisy cap to make herself feel more grown up. She looked right at her reflection in the mirror to practice her whistling techniques. Still, no whistling sound came right outta her mouth.

When Chloe's father saw what Chloe was doing, Chloe pretended that she was her mother.

"I've come home very early today, my dear, is Chloe here?"

"Why, no, she's outside with Scootch."

"Well, I'll go look for them."

1st, she walked right along a crack in the sidewalk.

Then she tried to run away from her shadow figure.

She jumped right off her shadow figure. But when she landed, they were back together again.

She came right to the corner where the carton was, and who should she see but Scootch.

Chloe scrambled under the carton.

She blew very hard, then blew very hard then blew very hard, and suddenly-outta her mouth came a real whistling sound.

Scootch stopped and looked around to see who it was.

"It's me, Scootch." Chloe exclaimed to him, then stood up.

Scootch ran straight to her.

Chloe ran home to show her father and mother what she could do.

They really loved Chloe's whistling. So did Scootch.

Chloe's mother asked her and Scootch to go on an errand to the grocery store.

She whistled all the way there, and she whistled all the way back home to her house with the groceries.

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