Supernal Underground

Like many legends of old, the Supernal Underground has an unclear past. To understand them, you must first understand that what you hear of their childhoods is no more fact then fiction. I am sure you heard the stories of Enigma's death cult, my master's slavery, and Hush's lurid past. Most of you are familiar enough with Cipher's lineage to know that nothing said of it can be trusted or confirmed. I cannot sort fact or fiction out for you, for I only know a detail here or there of what happened before my arrival. I can only tell you what I've seen and what I've heard. There's is a story of five very unusual friends, with every unusual backgrounds. Yes, Five child. I will touch on the fifth in my story. The story of five very unlikely heroes, but heroes none the less.
By happenstance, the four you know well, came together. While Enigma and Cipher lived in the comfort of Arachne's home, my master lived with Dirge in a quaint but not together unwelcoming apartment. Hush, an acquaintance of Cipher, happened to live across the hall. Why is this important? The devil is in the details, lad. Let me tell you about my master, and his friends helped the San Giovonni drive a death cult off their docks...

-Mr. Mistoffoles

=== Jacob "Engima" Clearwater === (Phil)

Virtue: Hope Vice: Envy
Background: :Jacob was a normal white suburban kid, up until his brother was committed. Upset at his parents for throwing his brother in Asylum, Jacob ran away to New York in the pursuit of true freedom. There, he faced off with the horrors of homelessness. After a few months of hunger, violence and the attempts of sexual predators, he fled to the sewers out of desperation. There he met a dark figure, one who called himself Mephisto. Mephisto promised him power in return for Jacob's friendship, and so Jacob became Nomad. At first everything was well in good. Nomad had warmth and food. At Mephisto's instruction, Nomad built them a family. Soon this family became a cult called, the Eyes of the Ebony Master. Nomad remained with this cult for several years. He led them on incursions into New York City to gather human sacrifices, weapons and food for the cult.
After years of loyal service, Mephisto provided Nomad with the location of his brother, a safe place to bring him, and man power to get him out. In a vicious raid on the asylum, Nomad broke his brother out. Shortly after, he returned to the cult only to find himself haunted by what he became. He deserted, and he a stranger helped him find shelter with the Slattery family.
A couple years later, still haunted by what he did, his old cult resurfaced. He battled the cult on several occasions, until he finally came face to face with Mephisto once again. The creature plunged him into the icy waters of a Central Park Pond, and he awoke one of Odin's loyal warriors. Given a second chance, and two ravens as guides. With his new powers, he turned toward the Guardian's of the Veil to fight his enemies from the shadows. After a few short months, he became frustrated with their indirect methods. Instead he found his home among the Adamantine Arrow. The order provided him with the direction he needed to finish his fight with Mephisto. Now that its over, he focus himself on other things.
Path: Obrimos (Tamer of Fire) Order: Adamantine Arrow (Status 0)
  • Abraham Clearwater - Brother


  • Hugin- Spirit of thought in the form of a raven Familiar. Refers to Munin as his brother. A know it all, and generally unpleasant character in Enigma's life until Enigma sacraficed his eye in order to be closer to Odin.
  • Munin- Spirit if memory in the form of a raven Familiar. The quieter of the brothers, and far less of a dick. Munin acts much as he always did, except with less huffing.

=== Wesley "Cipher" Ackert === (Alec)

Virtue: Justice Vice: Sloth
Path Acanthus (Dadoine) Order: Mysterium (Junior Censor)
  • Matilda "Arachne" Slattery- Sister
  • Andrew "Pygmalion" La Roche


  • Vix - Spirit of calm in the body of a two tailed fox (with four other emphermal tails), Vix recently revealed himself to be a generational familiar. The emodiment of Cipher's vice, he is frequently responsible for Cipher's lax attitude. Adding a bit more stereotypical Acanthus, to the otherwise atypical censor.

=== Augustine "Victor" Liesio === (Rob)

Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Wrath
Path Moros (San Giovonni) Order: Mysterium (Aspiring Curator)
  • Dirge
  • Caligula Liesio (Deceased)
  • Nikki Giovanni
  • Other Giovonni


  • Mr. Mistoffelees- A mysterious familiar with all too human tendancies, and an apparent long memory.

=== Mark "Hush" === (Jared)

Virtue: Justice Vice: Pride
Background: Mark is a former child actor who failed to make the transistion to serious adult roles. Trouble started for him when he turned down a role where he would play a drug addict. His over the top reaction to the offer drew the attention of the movies backers, a mysterious organization known as the Syndicate. Offended, they set into motion a series of events which would drive Mark to the edge and discredit him. They surrounded him with drugs, lured his sister into doing a sex tape and eventually tied him to a chair and doped him up.
In the heroines sweet embrace, he was confronted with unwholesome truth of existence. The unseelie parties, the way he treated woman, even the way he abused his family came to haunt him. He had his mind flayed by his personal demons, and when he awoke he was a Mastigos. Impressed by his ability to survive, he was recruited by the Guardians of the Veil. The first of his cabal to awaken, he kept his change a secret from his friends (and his mage lover) for many months until the rest awakened. Then proceeded through the initial training with the others as if he had just awakened.
After several months, Mark emerged as the lone guardian, found out it was apart of the family legacy he forsook, and rose to embrace his past and future.
Path: Mastigos (Votaries of the Ordained) Order: Guardians of the Veil (VotO)
  • Too many to list. All Greek. Father is Augustus Sr., and sister ended up in a sex tape.

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