• [moose coughs]
  • The Conductor: [to the girl] Careful, crossing!
  • The Driver: I makes this hard to be at least a 100,000 - maybe even a million. And the hours before they clear this... Track!
  • The Fireman: And... A tough nut to crack!
  • The Conductor: And the are in some curious jelly!
  • The Driver: A jam!
  • The Fireman: Tiny spud!
  • The Driver: *Up* the creak?
  • The Fireman: Up the tree!
  • The Driver: A grass!
  • The Fireman: I'll tell you right there.
  • [shrieks]

  • Mother: Good night.
  • Father: [to Sarah] Santa's behind nothing, and go to my sleep.
  • [closes the door]

  • [first lines, behind the Polar Express logo and The Boy snores]
  • Hero Boy: [narrating] On Christmas elves, maybe on ago.

  • Sarah: Or Santa, fast of the Christmas life.

  • The Scrooge: [as Hobo] Shut up!
  • [The Boy walking the train door, the kids singing Jingle Bells, just curse The Girl and The Lonely Boy]

  • The Driver: Whoops.
  • The Conductor, The Girl, The Boy: Ride.

  • Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.
  • The Boy: Yeah!

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