CoolZDane's Movie spoof of "The Polar Express."


  • Hero Boy - Young Simba (The Lion King)
  • Hero Girl - Marie (The Aristocats)
  • The Conductor - Baloo (The Jungle Book)
  • Sister Sarah - Young Kiara (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
  • The Know-At-All Kid - Skippy Rabbit (Robin Hood)
  • Billy -?????????
  • Children - Toulouse and Berlioz (The Aristocats), Patch (101 Dalmatians) Bambi, Faline, Thumper, Thumper's Sisters, and Flower (Bambi 1 & 2), Angel (Lady and the Tramp), Nemo (Finding Nemo), Toby, Sis, and Tagalong (Robin Hood) Bia (Rio 2), Dot (A Bug’s Life), ect.
  • Elves -?????
  • Santa Clause -????????
  • Hero Boy's Mother - Sarabi (The Lion King)
  • Hero Boy's Father - Mufasa (The Lion King)

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