The Possible Man

In the Four Colour Collective (FCC)Modern Day Universe, the Possible Man is a extra-human hero.

The Possible Man
Real Name: Daniel Ross
Status: Active, Retired, Deceased, Killed In Action, Missing In Action.
Current Affiliation(s): Patriot Actors
Previous Affiliation(s): None, although previously self-supported vigilante.
Notable Aliases: Infinity Complex, Everywhere Man
Notable Relatives: Trisha Ross (Mother), Father (details unknown), Unknown number of siblings.
Powers: Ability to manifest all quantum possibilities of himself – effectively creating untold numbers of exact duplicates.


Daniel Ross was born on December 14th, 1970, to Trisha Ross and an unknown father. Trisha had a traumatic pregnancy, with doctors unable to determine the exact number of children she was carrying, with estimates ranging from anywhere from none to upwards of a dozen. Daniel was immediately rushed to intensive care, suffering from malnutrition. He recovered quickly, and soon his mother was allowed to take him home to their apartment in Washington.

Unable to survive on welfare, Ms. Ross resumed her job as a secretary for a local businessman, whilst Daniel was placed in day-care. His early days were largely uneventful, and he soon entered primary school with no troubles. It would be soon, however, that his powers would begin to manifest, and change his life forever.

The first instance of there existing more than one Daniel Ross at any given time was at the age of nine years old. Apparently Daniel had been walking down a hallway, when suddenly copies of himself began to appear and enter different rooms. This, understandably, caused significant concern amongst the faculty, whom immediately contacted the Department For Extra-Human Affairs to remove the child and, as they hoped, ‘cure’ him.

After moving to avoid confrontation by the anti-extra-human elements that were in Washington, Daniel began a series of tests and schooling with other extra-humans to determine the range of his abilities. His powers effectively allowed him to create exact duplicates of himself for any possibility that presented itself – if Daniel was, for example, presented with a choice of two doors to open, he would open one whilst a copy would appear to open the other. With some effort he managed to consciously activate and control this power, allowing him to graduate from a DEHA-sponsored school and allowed to integrate himself with the normal human community.

Whilst he was initially offered membership into the Patriot Actors, he instead forged out on his own with several different aliases. He soon found, however, that his abilities best worked in a support role after he discovered that his powers were pointless if the enemy discovered a way to get more than a few kilometres away from Daniel faster than he could run – such as using a car. As such, he now accompanies the current squad of Patriot Actors on their missions, using his somewhat unusual abilities wherever he can.

Powers And Abilities

Daniel has the ability to manifest any quantum possibilities of himself within a certain range. For any action, there is a chance that we may preform another or conflicting action, and it is this multiplicity of choice and action that Daniel creates copies from.

Each duplicate has its own mind and sentience, and is for all intents and purposes an exact copy of Daniel up to the point of emergence, including memories, personality, and even injuries.

The exact number of times that Daniel can replicate himself is unknown, but since it is not a physical task for him, it could be in numbers reaching limitless. His copies do begin to ‘fade’ if the distance between them and Daniel exceeds more than approximately two kilometres, and will simply cease existence if this range is exceeded. Daniel can also consciously ‘fade’ a duplicate from existence.

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