The Prehistoric King: Rex's Death

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  • Young simba - littlefoot from the land before time.
  • Mufasa - rex from we're back.
  • Scar - sharptooth from the land before time.


  • Rex/Mufasa: Sharptooth! Brother, help me!
  • Sharptooth/Scar: (Getting the Rex's arm and whispers) Love live the dinosaur!
  • Rex/Mufasa: (Sharptooth thrown into the stampede) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Littlefoot/Young Simba: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Rex! Rex! (quietly) Rex, Rex, come on. (The pushes for Rex's cheek for merely rolls.) You gotta get up! Rex? We gotta go home. (He tugs with Rex's ear. Littlefoot was noticed with the back in place. Suddenly, Littlefoot runs off a bit, and going over to the cliff, obviously very scared.) HEEEEEELP! Somebody! (The following voice reverberates hollowly off across this gorge.) Anybody, help. (Littlefoot cries with slience over the dust, Sharptooth appears.)
  • Sharptooth/Scar: Littlefoot, what have you done?!

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