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The Prince of Egypt

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Scene Index

  • 1. Main Titles/"Deliver Us"
  • 2. The Chariot Horse Race
  • 3. One Week Leak
  • 4. Rameses' Hiding Place
  • 5. Desert Flower
  • 6. You Are Our Brother
  • 7. "All I Ever Wanted"
  • 8. Moses's Nightmare
  • 9. This is Your Home
  • 10. Slavery
  • 11. The Sand Storm
  • 12. "Look at Your Life Through Heaven's Eyes"
  • 13. The Burning Bush
  • 14. The Mission
  • 15. Let My People Go
  • 16. "Playing with the Big Boys"
  • 17. Moses vs. Rameses
  • 18. Welcome Here, Son
  • 19. Nile of Blood
  • 20. "I Will Not Let Your People Go"
  • 21. Ultimatum
  • 22. Think of your Son!
  • 23. Death of the Firstborn
  • 24. When You Beileve
  • 25. Parting of the Red Sea
  • 26. Closing the Red Sea
  • 27. Goodbye Brother
  • 28. End Titles

Bonus Matrials

  • When You Beileve "Music Video"
  • DVD-Rom
  • Storyboard with Music

Set Up

  • Audio Options
  • Captions
  • Register Your DVD

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