The Princess and The Enchanted Garden is a tale that is made by Mackenzie Wachter (aka Peachycream). It will be released for Wattpad on May 20, 2017.


The story is about a princess named Princess Sweetpea Blossom. She lives in an enchanted garden with a few woodland creatures.


Sofia (Sofia the First) as Princess Sweetpea Blossom-The Main Protagonist

Prince Tuesday (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) as Prince Warren-Sweetpea's love interest

Queen Aleena (Sonic Underground) as Queen Claudette-Sweetpea's mother

Thumper (Bambi) as Buddy the Bunny-Sweetpea's bunny friend

Vivillon (Pokémon X and Y) as Mariposa the Butterfly-Sweetpea's butterfly friend

Flowey (Undertale) as Petal the Flower-Sweetpea's flower friend

Fluttershy (My Little Pony) as Elise the Pegasus-Sweetpea's pegasus friend

Green Sprixie Princess (Super Mario 3D World) as Twinkle the Fairy-Sweetpea's fairy friend

Blue and Magenta (Blue's Clues) as Bella and Rosie-Sweetpea's pet puppies

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) as Vermilion-The Main Antagonist

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