Princess Libby and Prince NaSheen


Libby Folfax (Jimmy Neutron) as Princess Tiana

Sheen Estevez (Jimmy Neutron and Planet Sheen) as Prince Naveen

Denzel Q. Crocker (The Fairly Oddparents) as Dr Faciler

Cindy Vortex (Jimmy Neutron) as Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouf

Feraligatr (Pokemon) as Louis the Alligator

Volbeat (Pokemon) as Ray the Firefly

Peter Griffin (Family Guy) as Lawrence

Mr. Vortex (Jimmy Neutron) as Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouf

Ms. Folfax (Jimmy Neutron) as Eudora

Queen Serenity (Sailor Moon Series) as Mama Odie

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