The Psychomotion is an Italian independant film that was picked up by Walt Disney for a television series in Disney XD. The cartoon's art style parodies Japanese animation with some elements of the early-late 1980s and the early 1990s culture, especially the soundtrack and gadgets. Mostly the film is based on the "ninja" genre.


Two siblings who are the sons of a great warrior that was trapped in a mystical orb are about to free him but an evil villain is about to stop them.


Each character is called by their Japanese name and then their United States version's name:

  • Justin Chon - Ken'ichi Matsuba/Penn Matsuba: The oldest of the siblings at the age of 14. His signature weapon is his fathers', the Silver Staff which he uses to contact the dead.
  • Ryan Ochoa - Shinichi Matsuba/Joseph "Jones" Matsuba: The youngest of the siblings at the age of 8. As a young protogy, his weapon is the mystical shuriken that his mother used to own.
  • Geno Segers - Koichi Matsuba/Julius Matsuba: The father of the two children who was the greatest warrior until he got trapped in the mystical orb.
  • Bridgit Mendler - Yumeko Hatsuharu/Jessica Loverly: Penn's love interest and one of the greatest fighter. Her signature weapon is her heat-seeking fans.
  • Leo Howard - Kasai the Leader of the Fire: The prince of the Fire Kingdom who seems to be ill-tempered. His signature weapon is his flaming sais.
  • Doc Shaw - Chikyu the Leader of the Earth: The prince of the Earth Kingdom who is a champion sumo wrestler. His sumo skills are his signature weapons.
  • Sierra McCormick - Mizu the Leader of Water: The princess of the Water Kingdom with a happy-go-lucky personality. Her signature weapon is the Aqua Bo staff.
  • Adam Hicks - Kaze the Leader of Wind: The prince of the Wind Kingdom who is the son of King Metalblood. His signature is the nunchukus and he wears a yellow gi, homage to Bruce Lee.
  • Bella Thorne - Inuzuma Yamanaka the Leader of Lightning: The princess of the Lightning Realm who controls all of the elements. Her signature weapon is her ability to control.
  • Zendaya - Hikari Momochi the Leader of Light: The princess of the Light Kingdom who is a hippie. Her signature weapon is the chains.
  • Ryan Higa - Kagechiyo Kezumaki/Kurt Shielder: A sand bandit of the Killer Deserts who only wants money. His signature weapon is his tonfas which he always used.
  • Tay Zonday (imitating Thurl Ravenscroft) - King Metalblood: The main antagonist of the film who wants the power of Julius all to himself.
  • Kesley Chow - Pasta: One of the henchmen of Metalblood. Her signature weapon is the katanas.
  • Hutch Dano - Zebara: One of the henchmen of Metalblood who has blue metal-blood. His signature weapon is his gun.
  • Logan Miller - Yakihito Hashimoto/Xiaolin Soccer (known as Shaolin Football in the United Kingdom dub): One of the greatest warriors until Julius came. His signature weapon is his golden Dai.
  • James Hong - Rafiki/Shamon: A wise old mentor to both Penn and Jones, parodying that of Rafiki from The Lion King. His signature weapon is his witch-doctor wand.
  • Dylan Riley Snyder - Shinzo Kaede/Sammy Kaede: An orphan based on of Oliver Twist with a chipper attitude. His signature weapon is his chu club.

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