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  • Mr. Marmalade as Mufasa
  • Female French as Sarabi
  • Annie (The Forgotten Toys) as Sarafina
  • Lucy as Baby Simba
  • Sad Sack as Young Simba
  • Dotty as Young Nala
  • Back to Front as Adult Simba
  • Ragamuffin as Adult Nala
  • Hi-Fi as Zazu
  • Pigeon as Timon
  • Duckling as Pumbaa
  • Woody the Woodpigeon as Rafiki
  • Toby Martin as Scar
  • Little Girl as Shenzi
  • Os as Banzai
  • Bos as Ed
  • Hercules as Gopher
  • Princess as Baby Kiara
  • Kitten as Young Kiara
  • Puppy as Young Kovu
  • Ms. Scarecrow as Zira
  • Carthorse as Young Vinati
  • Mr. Scarecrow as Young Nuka
  • Penelope as Adult Kiara
  • Claude as Adult Kovu
  • Crow as Adult Vinati
  • Magpie as Adult Nuka
  • Hedgehog as Timon's Mother
  • Mr. Grimes as Uncle Max
  • Cats,Dogs,Mice,Pigs,Horse and Animals as Animals

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