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The Raggy Dolls and The Powerpuff Girls/Snow White

  • Princess as Snow White
  • Hi-Fi as Doc
  • Brick as Dopey
  • Claude as Grumpy
  • Butch as Happy
  • Grubber as Sneezy
  • Back to Front as Sleepy
  • Sad Sack as Bashful
  • Mr. Grimes as The Prince
  • Professer as The Huntman
  • Sedusa as The Evil Queen
  • Princess Murbucks as The Witch
  • Mojo Jojo and Him as The Vultures

The Raggy Dolls and The Powerpuff Girls/Pinocchio

  • Bubbles as Pinocchio
  • Hi-Fi as Jiminy Cricket
  • Mr. Grimes as Geopette
  • Buttercup as Figero
  • Blossom as Cleo
  • Lucy as The Blue Fairy
  • Him as Honest John
  • Snake as Gideon
  • Toby Martin as Stormboli
  • Mojo Jojo as Coachman
  • Claude as Lampwick
  • Villains as Donkeys
  • Blossom the Dog as Lampwick the Donkey
  • Back to Front as Monstro the Whale

The Raggy Dolls and The Powerpuff Girls/Looney Tunes

  • Hi-Fi as Bugs Bunny
  • Claude as Daffy Duck
  • Sad Sack as Tweety Bird
  • Mr. Marmalade as Sylvester
  • Pumpernickle as Foghorn Leghorn
  • Fuzzy Lumpkin as Yosemite Sam
  • Princess as Lola Bunny
  • Lucy as Petrina Pig
  • Dotty as Melissa Duck
  • Bubbles as Granny
  • Bossman as Hector
  • Brick as Road Runner
  • Ace as Wile E. Coyete
  • Mojo Jojo as Marvin the Martian
  • Mr. Grimes as Elmer Fudd
  • Old Edward as Porky Pig
  • Back to Front as Speedy Gonzales
  • Ragamuffin as Taz

The Raggy Dolls and The Powerpuff Girls/Winnie the Pooh

  • Hi-Fi as Winnie the Pooh
  • Boomer as Piglet
  • Claude as Tigger
  • Back to Front as Rabbit
  • Sad Sack as Eeyore
  • Mayor as Owl
  • Dotty as Darby
  • Lucy as Christopher Robin
  • Bubbles as Roo
  • Princess as Kanga
  • Blossom as Kessie
  • Mr. Marmalade as Lumpy
  • Talking Dog as Buster
  • Rupert the Roo as Gopher

The Raggy Dolls and The Powerpuff Girls/Thomas

  • Hi-Fi as Thomas
  • Brick as Edward
  • Rupert the Roo as Henry
  • Sad Sack as Gordon
  • Claude as James
  • Back to Front as Percy
  • Bossman as Toby
  • Butch as Duck
  • Oz and Boz as Donald and Douglas
  • Ace as Oliver
  • Mojo Jojo as Diesel
  • Tiny and Skinny Slim as Bill and Ben
  • Snake as BoCo
  • Sedusa as Daisy
  • Dotty as Mavis
  • Boomer as Stepney
  • Princess as Emily
  • Professer as Bertie
  • Ragamuffin as Salty
  • Big Billy as Harvey
  • White Wizard as Arry
  • Red Wizard as Bert
  • Rufus as Fergus
  • Blossom the Dog as Skarloey
  • Bubbles the Dog as Rheneas
  • Buttercup the Dog as Sir Hantel
  • Mayor the Dog as Peter Sam
  • Professer the Dog as Rusty
  • Bonzo as Duncan
  • Apple Ducklin as as Duke
  • Little Arturo as Freddie
  • Donald and Douglas (Thomas and Friends) as Mighty Mac
  • Thomas O Malley (The Aristocats) as Arthur
  • Annie (The Forgotten Toys) as Lady
  • Him as Diesel 10
  • Roach Coach as Splattle
  • Harold as Dodge
  • Mr. Grimes as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Mayor as Terence
  • Nok Tok (Waybuloo) as Trevor
  • Reg as Toad
  • Teddy (The Forgotten Toys) as Derek
  • Toby Martin as Bulgy
  • Princess Murbocks as Elizabeth
  • Grubber as George
  • Edward (Thomas and Friends) as Murduch
  • Fuzzy Lumpkin as Spencer
  • Cynthia as Caroline
  • Lucy as Rosie
  • Bubbles as Molly
  • Blossom as Belle
  • Buttercup as Madge
  • Sara as Flora
  • Florrie Foskdye as Lady Hatt
  • Mr. Marmalade as Whiff
  • Pumpernickle as Stanley
  • Old Edward as Dennis
  • Woody as Billy
  • Natasha as Neville

The Raggy Dolls and The Powerpuff Girls/Muppets

  • Butch as Kermit the Frog
  • Buttercup as Miss Piggy
  • Brick as Fozzie Bear
  • Claude as Gonzo the Great
  • Hi-Fi as Rizzo the Rat
  • Sad Sack as Rowlf the Dog
  • Back to Front as Scooter
  • Big Billy as Dr. Teeth
  • Snake as Floyd Pepper
  • Princess as Janice
  • Ms. Keane as Skeeter
  • Mr. Marmalade as Zoot
  • Rupert the Roo as Animal
  • Boomer as Sam the Eagles
  • Old Edward as Chifford
  • Woody as Nigel
  • White Wizard as Statler
  • Red Wizard as Wardolf
  • Grubber as Crazy Harry
  • Bubbles as Camilla the Chicken
  • Ace as Lew Zealand
  • Bossman as Pops
  • Tiny as Pepe the King Prawn
  • Mayor as Swedish Chef
  • Little Arturo as Robin
  • Pumpernickle as Dr. Bunsen Honeydrew
  • Skinny as Beaker

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