The Railway Stories is Railway Series/TV series hybrid, as characters from the Railway Series and TV series appear.

  • 1. Gordon and the Olton Hall - Olton Hall comes to Sodor for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Sodor, and Gordon, jealous, challenges him to a race from Vicarstown to Tidmouth, with disastrous results... Set in 2001.
  • 2. 199 and the Mail Train - Diesel 199 returns to Sodor to take the mail train to the other railway, and he is not very happy about it. Meanwhile, Diesel wants to crash the mail train as a prank to a steam engine, but reckons without 199 with the mail train... Set between Enterprising Engines and James and the Diesel Engines, around 1976.
  • 3. Daisy Knows Best - Thomas is at the Steamworks for repairs, and Percy is to do Thomas' work. Daisy shows off to Percy how she can manage with ease, but what if there's broken track ahead? Set after Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine, around 1964.
  • 4. Douglas' Passengers - Donald and Douglas switch their goods work for Duck and Oliver's passenger duties, but not everyone agrees on the idea. What could go wrong, especially when confusion and delay ensures? Set after Duke the Lost Engine, about 1971.
  • 5. Thomas and Bluebell Help Out - Bluebell comes to Sodor and meets the Sodor engines for the first time, and is happy to meet with Thomas, but anything can go wrong in foggy weather and a minor mix-up. Set during Thomas and His Friends, between Buffer Bashing and Centenary, around April 2011.
  • 6. Boiler Ache - Edward has been feeling very unwell, but Bill and Ben think he's making it up. But BoCo sees Edward is telling the truth when Edward starts wheeshing steam badly. Is Edward headed for the scrap heap, or will Bill and Ben see the error of their ways?. Set between Main Line Engines and James and the Diesel Engines, around late 1979.
  • 7. Wilbert's Heavy Train - Thomas is called away to help for a couple of days on Edward's branchline, meaning Wilbert has to do Percy's and Thomas' work at the same time. Anything can go wrong, as Wilbert finds out when slips on the hill taking a mixed train to Ffarquhar. Set during Wilbert the Forest Engine and between Foaming at the Funnel and Wired Up.
  • 8. James Does it All - James is determined to take a passenger train and a goods train at the same time, and he denies Henry and Bear's help, but he later regrets it when he struggles at Gordon's Hill. Can Henry and Bear help James, or will the vain red engine be stuck? Set after Henry and the Express.
  • 9. Thomas and the Brake Coach - Thomas is still teased for forgetting the coaches, and Gordon says the best engines remember their trains. However, Gordon eats his words when the brake coach is uncoupled, and only Thomas can fetch it. Set during Thomas the Tank Engine, between Thomas' Train and Thomas and the Trucks.
  • 10. Thomas and Edward - Thomas is transferred to Wellsworth to learn how to deal with trucks after his incident. Meanwhile, the Fat Director orders a new engine named James. Basically the ending bit of Thomas and the Trucks, and Thomas and the Breakdown Train taken from another angle.
  • 11. Stuck in the Tunnel Again - Henry dreadfully remembered when he was shut up in the tunnel for being silly, and is not feeling well when he takes a goods to the other railway, and he derails in his tunnel due to silly boys leaving stones on the rails. Set in 2008, after the events of Thomas and Victoria.
  • 12. Sandra the Troublesome Engine Saga - Set in 1947, between the events of Thomas the Tank Engine and James the Red Engine to explain who did James' work.
    • Story 1. Sandra - The Fat Director orders for a SR Z Class tank engine to help while James is being overhauled, but Sandra has an attitude problem against the other engines and has a flaming temper...
    • Story 2. Banging Trucks and Coaches - The trucks and coaches take dislike to Sandra when she bangs them roughly, and things don't improve when Sandra takes a passenger train.
    • Story 3. Fire in the Sheds - Sandra is sent to the sheds until her temper cools down, but nothing improves when she accidentally ignites fuel wagons at Vicarstown Sheds is set on fire and a rather sick Henry is in danger!
    • Story 4. James' New Paint - The Fat Director/Controller says that when Jame is back in service, Sandra will not return to Sodor. Sandra is still angrier yet when during James' tests, she bangs a flatbed of red paint cans.
  • 13. Erin the Single Engine Saga - Set from 1883 to 1915, then 1978 to 1982, before the events of Really Useful Engines.
    • Story 1. The Terrible Accident - Based on the 12/24/1910 Hawes Junction rail crash; Erin and fellow S&M engine Johnson (a LSWR T9) end up in a terrible crash with their passenger train, no thanks to signal failure and Johnson's rushing.
    • Story 2. Henry's Discovery - Based on elements of Hero of the Rails; Erin is brought by new engine Thomas to an abandoned siding, where Erin will be safe from scrap. More than sixty years later, Henry unexpectedly finds Erin again...
    • Story 3. Bringing Emily Back - Based on elements of Hero of the Rails; Erin is brought to Crovan's Gate for an overhaul, and while she is rebuilt, she meets Thomas again and thanks him for keeping her safe. When her overhaul is complete, Erin becomes the NWR's number 36.
    • Story 4. Erin to the Rescue - Based on Emily's New Coaches; Erin adjusts to modern-day Sodor, but James and Gordon tease Erin for her old age, saying she should be in a museum. But when a chain on Gordon's express breaks, Erin's quick thinking prevents a terrible accident. As a reward, she is given two coaches she found in an old shed at Kellsthrope Road, and Kirk Ronan branchline to run.
  • 14. Trouble for the Engines - Set in 1962, shortly after the events of Gallant Old Engine, but before Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine
    • Story 1. A Familiar Face - Sandra is brought back to Sodor, given a second chance if she can redeem herself. It doesn't go well when she causes Gordon to have an accident and gets Gordon and Percy blamed for it.
    • Story 2. Trouble for Thomas - With Gordon and Percy in the sheds, Sandra takes Percy's place on Thomas' branchline, and when double-heading a train with Thomas to Ffarquhar, will Thomas get in trouble?
    • Story 3. Suspicions - James and Duck believe Sandra is getting their friends into trouble for accidents they didn't cause. They consult Toby to help and get some truth out of Sandra.
    • Story 4. Caught in the Act - Sandra gets into a confrontation with James, and the two engines fight, revealing Sandra the true culprit of the past accidents. Thomas, Percy and Gordon are forgiven, and Sandra put into a museum for the rest of her life.
  • 15. Percy and the Mainline Engines - Set after the events of Troublesome Engines, and between Coal and The Flying Kipper from Henry the Green Engine, during 1949/1950.
    • Story 1. Percy and the Brakevan - Based on the annual story of the same name. Percy believes the engines of Sodor can manage without brakevans, or can they?
    • Story 2. Gordon and the Trees - Based on the annual story Trapped by Trees. Gordon runs into a spot of trouble with trees at Wellsworth.
    • Story 3. Henry in Peril - Based on the annual story Near Miss. Henry thinks the trap points are unnecessary, but he eats his words when a firelighter meddles with his controls.
    • Story 4. Stuck on the Mainline - Based on the annual story James' Traffic Jam. A confused passenger delays James' train, and at the end of the day, Percy and the big engines agree that boasting can lead to trouble.
  • 16. Unusual Engine - The Fat Controller arranges with Oliver Bulleid to have a new engine for the NWR fleet, 36001. He is judged for looking different, but he proves he's more useful than the big engines think when Gordon derails outside Tidmouth and when James gets stuck on the mainline... again! 36001 is given a new name, William, after his designer's father. But when William and his class are due to be scrapped, how will the engines save him from this terrible fate? Set between the events of Henry the Green Engine and Toby the Tram Engine, in 1951.


Erin the Single Engine (part 1; 1883-1915)
Thomas and the Brake Coach (early 1946)
Thomas and Edward (1946)
Sandra the Troublesome Engine (1946-1948)
Percy and the Mainline Engines (1949/1950)
Unusual Engine (1951)
Trouble for the Engines (1962)
Daisy Knows Best (1964)
Douglas' Passengers (1971)
Boiler Ache (1973)
199 and the Mail Train (1976)
Erin the Single Engine (part 2; 1978-1982)
James Does it All (mid to late 1993)
Wilbert's Heavy Train (1994)
Gordon and the Olton Hall (2001)
Stuck in the Tunnel Again (2008)
Thomas and Bluebell Help Out (April 2011)


The Railway Series 2.5 - Sandra the Troublesome Engine
The Railway Series 5.5 - Percy and the Mainline Engines
The Railway Series 17.5 - Trouble for the Engines
The Railway Series 26.5 - Erin the Stirling Single Engine


Sandra - An angry, troublesome tank engine who replaced James while he was being overhauled. Sandra is rude to everyone and is very selfish, and nearly caused Henry being destroyed. Based on Southern Railway Z Class no. 950, withdrawn in 1962.
Olton Hall - A famous, kind-hearted engine who featured in the Harry Potter movies. Gordon was jealous of Olton Hall, and they challenged each other to a race. After Olton Hall derailed, Gordon had to help him, and they became good friends. Based on GWR no. 5972, currently preserved.
Bluebell - A kind, cheery little tank engine on the Bluebell Railway. Bluebell and her twin Primrose can get cocky at times, but they both want to be really useful engines. Based on SECR no. 323, currently preserved.
Preston - A gruff, young engine with a tendency to be grumpy. Despite this, Preston was a loyal, friendly sort, and was sad when Erin was sent away to be "scrapped". Based on LB&SCR A1 no. 63, entered service 1875, rebuilt to an A1X 1913, and withdrawn 1925.
Johnson - A stubborn, impatient tender engine who worked on the Sodor and Mainland Railway. Johnson was rude to everyone and was one of two causes of his and Erin's crash, and Johnson was promptly scrapped. Based on a LSWR class T9.
Heather - A boastful, cocky goods engine who teased Erin. Heather was loyal to her friends, and often made fun of Erin for being an older design. After the accident, Heather apologized to Erin who forgave her. Heather's fate is currently unknown. Based on an LNER class D17.
William - Previously 36001; an experimental locomotive built for the Southern region of British Railways. Was due to be scrapped, but the engines helped him out and how resides at the Sodor Locomotive Museum at Vicarstown. Based on the SR Bulleid Leader Class 0-6-6-0 no. 36001, built 1949 and withdrawn 1951.

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