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The Rainbow Saga is a project of mine that'll probably never get anywhere. The idea is to create a series of stories/games set in different time periods of a fantasy world.

Basic Concept

The story will start in the middle of the timeline, then with sequels and prequels dovetailing back and forth.

A character connecting the series will be the Oracle, an immortal being who has existed since the creation of the World and could see into Time. However a certain limitation restricts the visions of the Oracle, so that originally the Oracle can see all the way until the end of the world, but as time goes on he/she/it cannot see as far, and by the time of the first story/game the Oracle can barely predict the weather tomorrow. This is a crude devise to allow the prequels to connect with the sequels with concepts and plot devices that didn't exist when the earlier stories were developed (that took place in the middle of the timeline).


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple are the seven colors of the rainbow, and corresponds to seven different qualities, elements, and races.

  • Red - Fire
  • Orange - Earth
  • Yellow - Metal
  • Green - Life
  • Blue - Water
  • Indigo - Ether
  • Purple - Air

History and Game background/spoilers

There will be 7 prequel games (numbered -1 ~ -7), a "middle" game, and 7 sequel games, totaling 15. They are split into 5 sets of three trilogies.

The numbers order the games chronologically in the world's history.

The "Races of Light" trilogy


The Seven Races of Light awoke in different places of the world, initially not aware of each other's existence. As the forces of evil threatens them, they came together, learned about each other's differences, and combined their strengths to defeat the tide of darkness and held the evil at bay, beginning a siege that would last for hundreds of years.

"Our seven races shall band as one, and as a family, defeat the Darkness!"

Dating simulation / adventure game


When two people of two different Races of Light have a union, their children only inherits the traits of one of the parent's races, and only has half the strength in the abilities particular to that parent's race. They become less attuned to their racial element, and cannot sense the flow of nature as well as their parents could. When two "half-breeds" come together, their children has even weaker abilities than their parents.

Within two generations after the Great War, union between different Races of Light became shunned. The descendants of past "mistakes" became second-class citizens in a meritocracy world. They are constantly told not to do this or that by the Pure Bloods of the Seven Races, repressed of resources and space. This all changed when one man, a Quarter-Breed with great political wile and cunning wriggled freedom bit by bit from under the nose of the Seven Races, until he amassed enough resources in secrete to lead the Great Departure, taking all of the Quarter-Breeds and most of the Half-Breeds with him into unknown lands outside of the control of the Seven Races.

"From this day on, we will be free! No more shall any of us be looked down upon. There shall be no more Half-Breeds or Quarter-Breeds among our grandchildren. They shall have the blood of all seven races in their veins!"

The Great Departure was a great shock to the Seven Races of Light, causing them to re-examine their relationships with the tiny remnant of the Half-Breeds.

SimCity / Civilization hybrid-style development game


Hundreds of years after the Great Departure, a threat appeared from the North -- the People of Hues. They are completely unlike the Races of Light, being utterly disassociated with nature, and often having mismatched skin, hair, and pupil colors (most of which aren't of the Seven Canonical Colors). Yet they are also unlike the Forces of Darkness, following none of the Dark Lord's legacy rituals nor having friendship with any of the Dark Chieftains. The People of Hues aggressively expanded, warring against the armies of Darkness and destroying the Nature protected by the Races of Light.

The hundreds of years of siege by the Seven Races of Light on the Forces of Darkness became a three-way war, and the Seven Races were badly losing. The Race of Ether became almost extinct. Cornered into a position where there is no escape and no hope to fight back, the tribunal of the Seven Races used the last of their available magic to cause conflicts among the People of Hues. Rumors, sabotages, and illusions caused the People of Hues to distrust one another, and soon they became divided by the difference in the hues of their pupiles. The Green-pupils accused the Brown-pupils of backstabbing, while the Magenta-pupils took the advantages of the skirmishes between the Cyan-pupils and the Pink-pupils and eliminated them both. More than half of them found the hue of their pupiles to be ambiguous between the more dominant factions (Cyan or Blue, Red or Magenta, etc), which some used to their advantage while some got caught in a witchhunt.

The remnant of the Seven Races of Light and the Mixed Bloods used the opportunity to scatter far and wide, escaping the threat of being annihilated by the People of Hues.

"Genocide? No, I am not inducing genocide. The People of Hues wiping out the Race of Ether is genocide. Sitting here doing nothing until the other six Races of Light also get wiped out is genocide. What I am doing is just setting one brother against another, convincing the one with bigger nose kill the one with tiny nose just because he looks different. When the so-called house-cleaning is over, there will still be plenty of People of Hues left. What I am doing is buying time so what's left of my family can survive."

Action-adventure / stealth / FPS hybrid game

The "Schools of Magic" trilogy

In a post-apocalyptic Dark Ages setting, humans faced constant threats from monsters, natural disasters, and magical spirits.


The rise of magicians challenging the authority of the miraclists, winning freedom and independence.


The systematic classification of magic.


The Schools of Magic turning into the dominating political force.

The Wielders of Power trilogy


This story tells of how the Wielders of Power came to be. Seven powers, believed to be of divine origin, are bestowed on different individuals, creating heroes and feudal lords of great renown. However, the mysterious powers may jump from one master to another, sometimes with no warning, while other times showing a sign a head of time.


The wielder of the Power of Earth, the Orange Witch of the West, fell sick on the Night that Burned White, and believed it to be a sign that the Power of Fire is leaving her. Coercing the help of many seers she ordered a hunt on all potential candidates who may inherit the Power of Fire, intending to kill them all. However, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, one of the girls she tried to hunt down managed to escape with the help of other Wielders of Power. The girl sought out and defeated the witch with the help of her friends, and inherited the witches powers. In the process, she also became the first human in history (of the post-apocalyptic records) to have befriended an Elemental of nature.

Western-styled RPG game


An ancient powerful evil stirred from its slumber. The Wielders of Power sought out the seven Elementals of Nature, unraveled a piece of forgotten tragedy, and asked forgiveness on behalf of all humans in order to mend the hurts of ages past. With the help of the elementals, the ancient evil was sealed again.

Eastern-styled SRPG/RPG hybrid

The Seekers of Light trilogy

Games 2~4.

Upon the revelation that the Elementals are but a faint echo of what their ancestors were, the Wielders of Power set out to look for the seven Origin Races. Between them and the People Who Wish To Be Left Alone are traps, puzzles, and cryptic riddles.



With the Humans and the seven Origin Races reunited as one, they challenged the Evil had been sealed, hoping to fully defeat it once and for all.

RTS/SRPG hybrid Game

Unassigned genres

  • Racing
  • Board-game
  • Card game (Mahjong / Poker hybrid)
  • Platform shooter
  • Western-styled adventure/puzzle game

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