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It is raining hard in Kipper's neighborhood, and has to find things to do while it rains, he tries watching T.V., feeding his puppy, or playing with toys. Later, Tiger wants to jump in the puddles, but Kipper does not want to go out until a rainbow appears. Tiger keeps on urging him to play in the rain, Kipper takes a chance, a rainbow does appear and Kipper and Tiger have fun jumping in the puddles.


  • Stock Footage from Nothing Ever Happens, Big Owl's Bath, Kipper and The Flood and Asparagus is used. And music from The Lost Mug, The Rainbow Puddle and The Camping Trip can be heard.
  • Kipper is playing with retired Thomas trains in this episode.


  • Kipper
  • Tiger
  • Lollipop (mentioned as his puppy)
  • Big Owl (cameo)
  • Sock Thing (cameo)


  • Because Stock Footage is used, Kipper changes from his old model to his new model.
  • When Kipper plays with Thomas wooden trains, you can see a 1996 wooden railway Stepney, which he didn't recieve 2 episodes later.
  • Some eye mechanisum can be reflected with the walls of Kipper's house at the beginning of the episode.
  • When Tiger says "Kipper! Want to jump in the puddles?" His eyebrows are missing.
  • A rusty red wire can be seen on the ceiling when Kipper plays with Thomas trains.

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