Rayman The Movie trailer is the trailerest movie what comes very soon.


  • Narrator: He's the greatest hero of all time. He's an amazing legend, and his name is Rayman.
  • Rayman: That's me!
  • Narrator: Next year. Our loved hero, hits the big screen.
  • Rayman: You can't touch me bro!
  • Narrator: He is going on the biggest adventure of his life.
  • Rayman: Whoo-hoo!
  • Mr Dark: I will not be stopped by a silly hero like Rayman!
  • Narrator: But the evil Mr Dark wants to rule the world.
  • Mr Dark:Ha ha ha! No one will stop me! No one!
  • Rayman:You're going down Mr Dark!
  • Narrator:Rayman: The Movie.
  • Rayman:Don't forget your popcorn!
  • Narrator:Coming soon.

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