The Red Balloon is a song from the seventh season dedicated to the Hot Air Balloon. The tune is based on its theme.


There's so much to see on the Island of Sodor

Waterfalls and windmills, valleys of green

All this and more on the Island of Sodor

Colourful carpet for all to see

People happily ride round the Island

Flying so high in a big red balloon

From mountains high and down to the seaside

Everyone wishing they'll all come back soon

High in the red balloon

Up above looking down on everyone

You can touch the moon

High in the red balloon

Floating and spinning and climbing and rising

Way up high, look see the red balloon

Float over castles and church spires below them

Cricket being played on the quaint village green

Everyone waves at the big red balloon

Prettiest picture they've ever seen

James sees the red balloon

Floating high, wishing he could be like him

High in the sky

He waits where the river bends

Waiting to see his friend, hoping he will come again

Wishing and hoping and waiting and dreaming of flying high

Just James and the red balloon

James and the red balloon



Deleted Scenes

  • Train Stops Play - A shot of the cricketers smiling while looking up at the sky.
  • James and the Red Balloon:
  1. A deleted scene of the balloon floating over the watermill.
  2. A shot of the red balloon floating over the Fishing Village.
  3. A deleted scene of the red balloon in the sky.
  • The Runaway Elephant - A deleted scene of the hot air balloon floating over Elephant Park.
  • The Grand Opening - A deleted scene of the balloon floating over Peter Sam.
  • Best Dressed Engine - A deleted scene of James pulling the May pole while the red balloon floats overhead.


  • In Japan, this song is called "A Red Balloon".


  • At one point, James is seen watching the Red Balloon near by Sodor Castle, but that is on the Skarloey Railway.

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