1.Cody as Kermit

2.Penny as Miss Piggy

3.Genie(from Aladdin) as Fozzie Bear

4.Taran(from The Black Cauldron) as Gonzo

5.Philoctetes(from Hercules) as Dr.Teeth

6.Tarzan(from Tarzan) as Zoot

7.Megara(from Hercules) as Janice

8.Hercules(from Hercules) as Floyd Pepper

9.Milo(from Atlantis: The Lost Empire) as Scooter

10.Kovu(from The Lion King 2) as Animal

11.Gideon(from Pinocchio) as Lew Zealand

12.Olaf(from Frozen) as The Swedish Chef

13.Captain Hook(from Peter Pan)as Dr.Bunsen Honeydew

14.Gateon Moliere(from Atlantis: The Lost Empire)as Crazy Harry

15.Horace and Jasper(from 101 Dalmatians) as Statler and Waldorf

16.The Horned King(from The Black Cauldron) as Uncle Deadly

17.Roger Rabbit(from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)as Bean Bunny

18.Eilonwy(from The Black Cauldron) as Camilla

19.Eric and Ariel(from The Little Mermaid) as Wayne and Wanda

20.Mr.Smee(from Peter Pan) as Beaker

21.Dr. Facilier(from The Princess and The Frog) as Tex Richman

22.Goofy(from Mickey Mouse Works) as Beauregard

23.Principal Prickly(from Recess) as The Newsman

24.Clopin(from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Marvin Suggs

25.Adult Simba(from The Lion King) as Sweetums

26. Timothy Q. Mouse(from Dumbo) as Rizzo the Rat

27. Sulley(from Monster's Inc.) as Beautiful Day Monster

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