(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

(Hiro Hamada takes flight)

Narrator: A classic adventure is coming to your computer.

Pacifica Northwest: So exciting!

(The fireworks blow up)

Title: The Rescuers (Human Style).

Narrator: AnimatedFan195's animated masterpiece, "The Rescuers".

(Olaf cheers and flies)

Pacifica Northwest: Adventure, thrills intrigue.

Narrator: Dipper and Pacifica

Pacifica Northwest: Hurry!

(Olaf charges with Dipper and Pacifica on a leaf, and Jasper and Horace smiling evilly)

Narrator: journey deep into the mysterious world of the bayou with their friends, Hiro,

Hiro Hamada: Sufferin' sassifrass!

Narrator: and Olaf

(Olaf nods yes or no madly)

Narrator: to rescue the young kitten Marie

Marie: Did you hear that, Teddy?

Narrator: from the evil Mirage.

Mirage: Bring her back, boys!

(Chaos ducks underneath, and Jasper and Horace are in shock)

Narrator: Leonard Walton calls "The Rescuers", "A breath of fresh air..."

Ford Pines: I'll bet my whiskers on it.

Narrator: "with humor and imagination and heart..."

(Hiro Hamada laughs)

Narrator: "and a delightful cast of characters".

(Marie waves goodbye to Dipper and Pacifica)

Marie: Bye, Pacifica. Bye, Dipper.

(Dipper hitches a ride)

Narrator: You can own all the adventure

Dipper Pines: Hang on!

Hiro Hamada: Here we go!

Narrator: of this timeless marvel treasure.

(The Devil's Eye appears)

Marco Diaz: Yee-hee!

Title (again): The Rescuers (Human Style).

Narrator: AnimatedFan195's animated masterpiece, "The Rescuers".

Tagline: Coming Soon to your computer.

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