Based on the movie The Rescuers. This was my dad's idea.

  • Sonic as Bernard
  • Sally as Miss Bianca
  • Cream as Penny
  • Cheese as her teddy bear
  • Big as Rufus
  • A random bird charcater as Orville
  • Charmy as Evinrude
  • The Oracle of Delphius as The Chairman
  • Mighty as Luke
  • Honey as Ellie Mae
  • Uncle Chuck as Gramps
  • Knuckles as Digger
  • Ray as Deadeye
  • Bean as the Deacon Owl
  • Catella as Madame Medusa
  • Dr. Qwark as Mr. Snoops
  • Vector as Nero
  • A random crocodile character as Brutus
  • Tails as Cody
  • Rosemary as Cody's Mama
  • Alicia as Faloo
  • Merlin as the koala bear
  • Max as Red
  • Storm as Wilbur
  • Eggman as Percival C. McLeach
  • Chomper as Joanna
  • A random rat character as The Doctor
  • Random mice women as the Nurse Mice
  • Espio as Frank

No flames or spams.

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