The Rescuers Down Under(15sturmelle style)

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  • Cast in order
  • Oliver(Oliver & Company) as Cody
  • Shere Khan(The Jungle Book) as Percival C. McLeach
  • Larn(Fire & Ice (1983)) as Bernard
  • Princess Teegra(Fire & Ice (1983)) as Miss Bianca
  • Robert*Bobby* Zimmeruski(A Goofy Movie) as Jake
  • Kaa(The Jungle Book) as Joanna
  • Hermes(Hercules) as Wilbur
  • Colonel Hathi(The Jungle Book) as Red
  • Timothy Mouse(Dumbo) as Baitmouse
  • Winifred(The Jungle Book) as Faloo
  • David Q.Dawson(The Great Mouse Detective) as Chairmouse
  • Ivan(Peter and The Wolf) as Frank
  • Dragon Maleficent(Sleeping Beauty) as Twister the Snake

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