tomarmstrong14's movie-spoof of "The Rescuers Down Under"


  • Bernard‬ - Jordan Rooke (T,JyE Rooke)
  • Miss Bianca‬ - Thomas Rooke (T,JyE rooke)
  • Jake‬ - Emily Rooke (T,JyE Rooke)
  • Wilbur‬ - Billy Blizzard (T,JyE Rooke, Rupert)
  • Joanna - Toad (Mr. Toad Wild Ride)
  • ‪Marahute - Kitty Katswell (T,JyE Rooke)
  • ‪Bait Mouse‬ - Annie (Little Lulu)
  • Francois ‬- Iggy (Littlle Lulu)
  • Dr. Mouse‬
  • ‪Flying Squirrel ‬- Tom the Cat
  • Chairmouse‬ - Howard Eason (T,JyE Rooke)
  • ‪Faloo‬ - Little Lulu (Little Lulu)
  • Frank‬ - Wilbur (Little Lulu)
  • Red‬ - Tubby (Little Lulu)

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