• Barney(Barney & Friends)-Bernard
  • Baby Bop(Barney & Friends)-Miss Bianca
  • BJ(Barney & Friends)-Jake
  • Toby(The Great Mouse Detective)-Wilbur
  • Olie(Rolie Polie Olie)-Cody
  • Olie's Mom(Rolie Polie Olie)-Cody's Mother
  • Nani(Lilo & Stitch)-Faloo
  • Charizard(Pokemon)-Marahute
  • Webby(DuckTales)-Baitmouse
  • Marie(The Aristocats)-Joanna
  • Drake(The Pebble and the Penguin)-McLeach
  • Billy(Rolie Polie Olie)-Frank
  • Snake Jafar(Aladdin)-Twister the Snake

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