• Cast in order
  • Ursula(The Little Mermaid) as Madame Medusa
  • LeFou(Beauty and the Beast) as Mr.Snoops
  • Flotsam & Jetsam(The Little Mermaid) as Brutus and Nero
  • Shanti(The Jungle Book) as Penny
  • Ash Ketchum(Pokemon) as Bernard
  • Kairi(Kingdom Hearts) as Miss Bianca
  • Yogi Bear as Luke
  • Cindy Bear(Yogi Bear) as Ellie Mae
  • Little John(Robin Hood) as Digger
  • Bagheera(The Jungle Book) as Deadeye
  • Grumpy(Snow White and The Seven Dwarves) as Gramps
  • Snake Jafar(Aladdin) as Twister the Snake
  • Scuttle(The Little Mermaid) as Deacon Owl
  • Gaston(Beauty and the Beast) as Percival C. McLeach
  • Kaa(The Jungle Book) as Joanna
  • Mowgli(The Jungle Book) as Cody
  • George Shrinks as Jake
  • Junior Shrinks(George Shrinks) as Sparky the Fly

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